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Why Become A Real Estate Broker

” A real estate broker is an individual who conducts brokerage transactions for the purchase, sale, rental or exchange of real estate, either on his own or on behalf of an agency. Residential real estate brokers act as intermediaries in the sale, rental or purchase of single-family homes, condominiums, and buildings with less than 5 units

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5 Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Home Via Capitale

(4 days ago) Real estate flipping entails buying a property, renovating it, and reselling it quickly. It is important to stay on the lookout for market opportunities , such as repossessed properties, owners looking to sell quickly following a divorce, inherited properties, or professional relocation.

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Important Steps to Take for Buying a Property and Becoming

(9 days ago) Real estate is a good investment and buying a condo or a house helps build capital and save long term. But to make the right purchase, it is important to: Assess the amount to be invested: including purchase and work,

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Visiting a Home Using Virtual Reality: Everything You Need

(6 days ago) There are many advantages to virtual real estate tours; especially during a pandemic! Although this new type of technology is not of common use in Quebec yet, it is slowly but surely gaining popularity. Via Capitale is also a pioneer in the use of this tool for virtual property visits across the province.

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Obtaining a mortgage for a second property

(8 days ago) The fallout from COVID-19 has led many city dwellers to begin exploring their real estate options in more remote areas of the province. For many, living close to the city center was essential for work, but with numerous offices closed for the foreseeable future, homeowners are suddenly opting for more space over proximity to their workplaces.

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Solo Real Estate Purchase: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

(5 days ago) Quebec real estate: 2020 trends. Real estate prices in Quebec soared in 2019. This upward trend should continue in 2020,…

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Quebec real estate: 2020 trends

(4 days ago) Real estate prices in Quebec soared in 2019. This upward trend should continue in 2020, but may start losing steam. Hélène Bégin, Desjardins Group’s Senior Economist, analyzes the main real estate trends. “The number of sales in Quebec could rise 5% in 2020 compared to roughly 10% in 2019. The increase in average prices will reach 3%

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6 things that can lower the value of your home

(9 days ago) For example, if you had a wooded area behind your property and now a house or business has taken its place, it could reduce the real estate value. An Unfinished Basement If you are handy and have time on your hands, we suggest that you finish constructing your basement as this usually adds a lot of value to a property.

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3 Simple Steps for the Construction of a Completely Eco

(4 days ago) However, environmental considerations should also be an important factor in the realization of your real estate project. In 2021, environmental protection and conservation are key issues. Living spaces play an important role and several organizations can help you in the transition to an eco-friendly home, including Écohabitation, Via Capitale

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Land to Build A

(3 days ago) Your real estate broker or the municipality in which the land is located can inform you on this matter. 4- Will You Need to Follow an Integration Plan? Several cities have architectural integration plans in order to standardize neighborhoods. Owners must thereby follow specific restrictions on the appearance of their home: the type of cladding

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The benefits of green alleys: Why reclaim these city spaces

(2 days ago) Once dark and neglected, the alleys of big cities are more and more developed to create a healthy living environment conducive to good relationships between neighbors. We will tell you all about the benefits of green alleys. Green alleys have been popular for the last fifteen years. They are growing in number in big cities […]

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How should you choose a good real estate broker to sell

(Just Now) What to Look for When Choosing A Real Estate Broker. A broker is a real estate professional who has a license issued by OACIQ (The Authority of Real Estate Brokerage in Quebec), which certifies his skills in real estate law, management, evaluation and contract writing. He also has professional liability insurance and is subscribed to the Real Estate

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Buildings with incredible domes

(5 days ago) Real Estate PRO; Renovation; Search for: AD. Buildings with incredible domes. 11 February 2015. As we explained in the article Refinement and Elegance, Art Deco took off after the Great War (1914-1918). To give people hope, an illusion of happiness and prosperity had to be created. It had to be seen everywhere, even on skyscrapers with their

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The Laurentians: Six good reasons to settle in this region!

(4 days ago) In addition, real estate and transportation supported by the cities of the region allow you to live in the best possible conditions. A Well-Located Region . Located north of Montreal, the Laurentian region has a humid continental climate with more temperate summers. In the north, there are mainly forests and mountains, from which the

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The Risks of Overpricing Your Home

(8 days ago) Most real estate brokers will tell you: overpricing your home from the moment you put it on sale is asking for trouble. You have so little to gain and so much to lose. Here are the reasons why. A seller may be tempted to ask for an exaggerated price in case a …

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How Important Is Your Home’s Exterior

(Just Now) With the exterior, of course. Most sellers will instinctively renovate their home’s interior. However, the buyer’s first visual contact is with the exterior, either directly or through pictures on social media sites. Most buyers will contact the seller or their real estate broker if they see a picture of a property they like.

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5 reasons to fall for wall beds (or murphy beds)

(8 days ago) Here are some of its features that will help you make an informed decision. Wall beds, or murphy beds, are composed of a large box that hangs on the wall and contains a mattress. They have a mechanism that makes them easy to lower to make the bed appear. Everything is solid, comfortable and practical. Contrary to popular belief, once closed

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How to negotiate a property purchase

(Just Now) The real estate expert does stress however that each situation is unique: “If a house is listed at a “good price” (near the floor price) and it’s located in an active market (single family homes around $300,000, for example) overbidding can’t be ruled out.

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Real estate Archives

(4 days ago) Real Estate PRO; Renovation; Search for:, Two inspiring career paths for International Women’s Day. 8 March 2022. Over the past two decades, gender equality has improved in the world of real estate brokers. While the status of women remains precarious in other fields, the real estate sector has managed to evolve and welcome more women.

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Via Capitale Blog

(3 days ago) Real Estate PRO; Renovation; Search for:, Two inspiring career paths for International Women’s Day. 8 March 2022. Over the past two decades, gender equality has improved in the world of real estate brokers. While the status of women remains precarious in other fields, the real estate sector has managed to evolve and welcome more women.

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The eight houses of Agatha Christie

(9 days ago) You have to read her autobiography to learn more about Agatha’s passion for real estate. And you will learn many things about the creation of her heroes and stories, the English countryside, the daily life of the British, the Victorian age, archeology, life under the bombs, the early days of a writer, her conjugal problems.

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Tips for Eco-Friendly Everyday Actions

(8 days ago) Real Estate PRO; Renovation; Search for: AD. Eco-Gestures for Eco-Friendly Behavior. 18 November 2019. To improve your quality of life, it is important to adopt eco-friendly behavior. There are steps and easy solutions to apply on a daily basis. Here is a list of ways you can reduce your ecological footprint:

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The heaviest building in the world

(7 days ago) Real Estate PRO; Renovation; Search for: AD. The heaviest building in the world. 1 November 2018. The numbers are staggering and the history behind it makes your head spin. According to Guinness World Records, the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest is the heaviest building on the planet. It contains 700,000 tonnes of steel and bronze, a

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Build a flame-resistant cottage with these DEK

(3 days ago) 3- Delineate A Fire Zone. Between vegetation and buildings, create fire-breaking areas with no trees, dry hay, or flammable material. This will prevent the spread of fire to your cottage and garage. You can also surround your cottage with mineral soil. 4- Build Your Cottage at Ground Level. Build your cottage directly on the ground.

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Understanding the Promise to Purchase

(1 days ago) The money must be deposited in trust and will be withheld at the real estate agency or in the notary’s trust account until the signing of the deed of sale. If you sign the promise to purchase, you commit to buy the property. You will need strong arguments to withdraw from a promise to purchase. Valuable reasons would be that the seller failed

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5 Reasons to Move to Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

(2 days ago) Real Estate PRO; Renovation; Search for: AD. Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, A Great Place to Live! 29 April 2020. A Vast Region. Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is the third largest region in the province, with a surface area of 95,782 km2. It is approximately two hours from the National Capital of Quebec City and consists of four regional county

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Durable and strong

(2 days ago) The expression “invest in stone” used to mean to invest in construction and real estate. Why? Because real estate is a strong and durable sector. Like stone. Is there a more natural, more resistant, more sustainable and stronger material than stone? It’s practically eternal. Not surprising that it is among the materials of choice in …

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Choosing to live in Laval means living in a region with

(3 days ago) With a surface area of 246 km 2 and a population of over 430,000 people, Laval is one of the most important regions of Quebec, with an activity rate of 63.6%. With its vibrant and energetic spirit, Laval is a promising region in the real estate, agrifood, commercial, manufacturing and services sectors.

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Agence Immobilière Via Capitale Diamant

(5 days ago) Via Capitale Diamant et toute son équipe de courtiers immobiliers ont à coeur leur réussite et celle de leur entreprise. Associée à un réseau de partenaires stratégiques, nous travaillons de près avec les notaires, arpenteurs, ingénieurs, institutions financières qui, tout comme nous, ont un souci de vous offrir le meilleur service.

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Buying a Condo: An Overview

(Just Now) The real estate broker may also have this information on hand. If you are buying a new unit, you have the right to know what is covered by the new home warranty program and what is not. The program ensures the building was properly constructed according to the rules and regulations and meets the plans and specifications.

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Eco-friendly Houses, A Responsible

(9 days ago) Eco-Friendly houses are, above all, a simple, healthy, and comfortable living space. They are no longer a financial choice, but a way of life that guarantees an environmentally friendly home for future generations with the following benefits: Acoustic comfort that is significantly improved thanks to better-suited materials, Comfort of a

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What Is A Certificate of Location Exactly

(5 days ago) The certificate of location is the work of an accomplished land surveyor. It basically contains numbers, such as the dimensions of the land and buildings, the number of floors of the property and its structure. But it mostly contains the general plan of the property: location of the land and pool, cadastral data, limitations, encroachments

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Grass: Tips to Reduce Its Impact on the Environment

(2 days ago) Real Estate PRO; Renovation; Search for: AD. Is putting grass on our land really an eco-friendy gesture? 11 June 2020. According to various studies, although it is vegetation, grass has a low environmental performance. Would you be willing to drop your green carpet for a different product?

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5 Tips for Obtaining a Mortgage Loan

(4 days ago) Real Estate 101; Real Estate PRO; Renovation; Search for: AD, , 5 Tips for Obtaining a Mortgage Loan. 23 August 2021. Have you decided now is the right time to explore purchasing a property? If so, Orbis Mortgage Group, the official partner of Via Capitale for alternative and commercial loans, has 5 tips to help you obtain financing for your

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Agence Immobilière Mont-Tremblant

(3 days ago) Via Capitale DIAMANT signature ‘ ’Villégiature’’ répond à la clientèle d’acheteurs venue généralement de l’extérieur de la région. La villégiature est généralement synonyme de repos et de séjour à la campagne. Avec sa multitude de lacs, de rivières et de montagnes, la région du mont Tremblant est un terreau propice

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Courtier immobilier résidentiel et commercial à Via

(7 days ago) He offered 3 open houses to attract prospects to an area not often served by open houses. He is an independent realtor and can be trusted to get things done. He should source a creative real estate writer to draft the narrative about properties he is …

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Are Your Foundations Structurally Sound

(3 days ago) If you notice traces of moisture and humidity, it’s a bad sign. Écohabitation experts offer the following advice: Drain the water around the basement and check the condition of the pipes. Install a waterproof material over the whole outer surface of the foundation and footings. This could be a membrane or a liquid rubber compound.

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What if eco-neighborhoods met the needs of future cities

(8 days ago) Real Estate PRO; Renovation; Search for: AD, Eco-neighborhoods, for a different structure of tomorrow’s cities! 20 January 2020. To start the urban transition and make our cities more viable, we must become responsible citizens. Eco-neighborhoods were designed to unite the different parts of the city, to rethink common spaces and to manage

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