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Real Estate Assessor. The City Assessor’s Office is open to the public. Please use the intercom button labeled Real Estate Assessor at the front entrance to Building 18 to gain access to our office. Informal appeals were to be submitted to the Real Estate Assessor through May 14, 2021. The Board of Equalization will hold hearings based on

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Real Estate :: VBgov.com

(Just Now) When Real Estate taxes become delinquent by three years plus the current tax year, the Treasurer's Office is allowed under Code of Virginia 58.1-3924 to advertise a list of properties which include the owner's name of record (as of the date of assessment) in the Newspaper. A $25.00 Advertising fee will be charged once the ad has been placed.

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Real Estate Records (Deeds) :: VBgov.com

(6 days ago) Real Estate Records (Deeds) The Clerk of the Circuit Court records, indexes and permanently stores all real estate records for the City of Virginia Beach. See Related web sites below.

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Virginia Beach Property Search

(7 days ago) While the Office of Real Estate Assessor has attempted to ensure that the assessment data contained in this file is accurate and reflects the property’s characteristics, the City of Virginia Beach makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, …

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Real Estate :: VBgov.com

(Just Now) The Real Estate Office is charged with land acquis ition for all City agencies. The office handles citizen request for encroachments onto City property and Rights of Way; sale of excess City property; land acquisition for the City’s BRAC program and land acquisition for City infrastructure improvement projects.

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Taxes and Other Collections :: VBgov.com

(6 days ago) Taxes and Other Collections. The City Treasurer's Office is State/City mandated to prepare, mail, and collect all tax bills for Real Estate and Personal Property, as well as Trustee Taxes, State and Estimated Taxes, various City Departmental Invoices, and Court Ordered Restitution. The office also aggressively pursues the collection of all

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Disabled Veterans Exemption :: VBgov.com

(2 days ago) This program is managed by the Commissioner of the Revenue. Click here for information and forms relating to the program or call the Commissioner of the Revenue Real Estate Qualification Division at (757) 385-4385 for details. Contact Information. Commissioner of the Revenue Taxpayer Assistance. (757) 385-4385. 757-427-1589.

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Center for GIS (CGIS) :: VBgov.com

(3 days ago) Center for GIS (CGIS) The Center for Geospatial Informati on Services (CGIS) manages the City's core geographic data. It is a division within the Department of Information Technology. Our primary role is to support location-based information to allow City agencies to deliver services to their customers. A geographic information system (GIS

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Senior and Disabled Real Estate Tax Relief :: VBgov.com

(8 days ago) Applications for real estate tax exemption are taken in the office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, Municipal Center, Building 1, by appointment only from February 1 through June 30. To qualify, individuals must meet income and net worth limitations.

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Payment Options :: VBgov.com

(6 days ago) Pay Personal Property Tax, Real Estate Tax, Parking Tickets or Public Utilities/Storm Water bills with a major credit card (2.5% fee or $1.00, whichever is greater ). Pay via the Treasurer's Local Payment Call Center at (757) 385-8968.

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Map Center :: VBgov.com

(5 days ago) The following GIS maps and reports are available free of charge to the general public in either PDF (for maps) or excel format (for reports). If you would like hard-copy maps and reports, please contact the Center for GIS via email at . 100 Years of Change Map. 100 Years of Change Chart.

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Assessor's Annual Reports :: VBgov.com

(1 days ago) Assessor's Annual Reports. Page Content. Each year the Assessor produces both an Annual Report and a Neighborhood District Report in an effort to share the most widely requested assessment information. Annual Report FY 2022.pdf. Annual Report FY 2021.pdf. Annual Report FY 2020.pdf.

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Personal Property :: VBgov.com

(6 days ago) Personal Property. To request interest on your tangible personal property refund, issued between 1/1/17 and 11/5/19, please complete this form: Request for Interest Refund on Tangible Property (VBT).pdf . Questions can be submitted via phone at (757) 385-8142 or email at

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(5 days ago) GRAHAM REAL ESTATE, LLC Agenda Item 4 Page 3 MASTER TRANSPORTATION PLAN (MTP) / CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (CIP): Lynnhaven Parkway is a four-lane, divided, urban arterial. The Comprehensive Plan identifies Lynnhaven Parkway as a six-lane roadway; however, there are no Roadway CIP projects slated for this roadway section. TRAFFIC: Street Name

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ArcGIS Web Application

(2 days ago) Your browser is currently not supported. Please note that creating presentations is not supported in Internet Explorer versions 6, 7. We recommend upgrading to the

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Circuit Court Filing Fee Schedule :: VBgov.com

(4 days ago) Circuit Court Filing Fee Schedule. The following will provide you with information concerning filing and service fees for the Circuit Court Civil Division as well as other miscellaneous fees including the Clerk's fee Schedule for Deeds. Fee Schedules are located under Related Information on the right.

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Departments :: VBgov.com

(3 days ago) Keeping in touch with the public is a top priority of the City of Virginia Beach. If you need to contact a branch of the government of the City of Virginia Beach, please locate the department or departmental division listed below.

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Due Dates for Personal Property and Real Estate Tax Bills

(6 days ago) VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (June 4, 2019) — Due to the May 31 shooting and the resulting closure of offices at the Municipal Center on June 3, the City Treasurer’s Office has extended the deadline for personal property and real estate tax payments normally due on June 5. One-time payments will be considered on-time if paid by Wednesday, June 19.

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COVID-19 Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Relief

(2 days ago) A maximum relief of $500 for residential real estate taxes and $250 for personal property tax has been established for eligible households. The amount of relief will be the billed total, or the benefit maximum, whichever is lower. Each household could potentially receive both benefits for a maximum relief amount of $750.

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City Services Bill Pandemic Relief Program :: VBgov.com

(6 days ago) Note: If you are applying for both the City Services Bill Pandemic Relief Program AND the Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Relief Program, you may register both accounts using the same email; however, you CANNOT use the same password. These programs are administered separately and require two separate accounts.

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VB GeoFacts and Information :: VBgov.com

(4 days ago) The city of Virginia Beach is 310 square miles. 258.7 square miles are land and 51.3 square miles are water. The average elevation of the city is 12 feet. The highest natural elevation is 88.1 feet located at Fort Story. The highest manmade elevation is 145.0 feet located at Landfill #2 (Centerville Turnpike).

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COVID-19 Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Relief

(7 days ago) Applications for the City's COVID-19 Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Relief Program will be accepted through Jan. 31, 2021, to accommodate as many Virginia Beach residents as possible. The relief program, which was established by the City Council earlier this year, provides direct financial assistance to households where an occupant has

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Residents :: VBgov.com

(Just Now) The Residents section is a guide to city services, programs and initiatives for those that live, work and play in Virginia Beach. Here, you can find information about hurricane shelters, lost/stolen pets, libraries, adopting a child, real estate assessments, city sports leagues, special events and much more.

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COVID-19 Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Relief

(2 days ago) The application window to apply for the COVID-19 Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Relief program will close on Jan. 31. The relief program provides direct financial assistance to households where an occupant has been financially impacted through loss of employment or a reduction in work hours, or has been furloughed due to COVID-19.

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State and Estimated Taxes :: VBgov.com

(4 days ago) Our role is to post all estimated payments and then forward the monies to the Department of Taxation. This office will create and mail for each of the remaining quarterly installments 30 days prior to the due date. Contact Information. City Treasurer - State and Estimated. (757) 385-4294.

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Tax Relief and Exemption Programs :: VBgov.com

(Just Now) Real Estate Tax Relief Program Requirements. . Contact Information. Commissioner of the Revenue Taxpayer Assistance. (757) 385-4385. 757-427-1589.

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Delinquent Collections :: VBgov.com

(1 days ago) See the Real Estate section under Taxes and Other Collections. Have You Received a Delinquent Collections Letter? If you have received a delinquent collections letter from the Office of the City Treasurer, you still have several options available to remedy your account prior to forced collection action.

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Hours, Locations, and Departmental Contacts :: VBgov.com

(5 days ago) Real Estate Assessor - Real Estate - record of ownership (757) 385-4601 Comm. of Revenue - Real Estate - Tax Relief Program (757) 385-4385: Comm. of Revenue - State Tax Refund (757) 385-4483 Dept. of Taxation - Estimated Payment 1(804)367-8031 Real Estate Assessor - property assessments, values (757) 385-4601 TACS

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Business Property :: VBgov.com

(1 days ago) Instead, list the name and address of the person or persons owning tangible property leased by you at the bottom of the 2021 CR-13 form. The current depreciation rate for business personal property is 40% of the original cost. Effective January 1, 2015, the tax rate is $4.00 per $100.00 of the assessed value. Our current rate for manufacturing

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Tax Rates, Important Dates & Deadlines :: VBgov.com

(3 days ago) Real Estate Taxes are assessed by the City Real Estate Assessor's office. Please visit the Real Estate Assessor's website for more information on assessments or questions regarding changes to assessments. Virginia Beach Real Estate Assessor Tax Rates

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Elderly & Disabled Personal Property Vehicle Tax Relief

(4 days ago) The tax relief is available to taxpayers qualified under provisions of the Code of Virginia, Title 58.1.3506 et. seq., and Virginia Beach city ordinance. Qualified elderly or disabled individuals may receive a reduction of the personal property tax on one vehicle. These provisions are as follows: The owner or spouse was permanently and totally

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Your Investment Is Gaining Value: :: VBgov.com

(5 days ago) Residential real estate is appreciating faster than commercial properties. Developers are spending more on building residential properties and, as a percentage the lower end of the residential market is appreciating faster than the higher end.

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News Center :: VBgov.com

(5 days ago) Qualified taxpayers applying for year 2022 real estate and year 2021 personal property tax relief normally must apply annually no later than June 30. Commissioner of the Revenue Phil Kellam has extended that deadline by a month saying, "I've noticed that taxpayers are h …

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Reassessing A Residential Neighborhood :: VBgov.com

(2 days ago) Reassessing A Residential Neighborhood. The Assessor's appraisal staff annually reassesses each neighborhood in the City using a mass appraisal process. This process values a group of homes in a defined area (neighborhood) by analyzing the property sales within that area and applying those values to homes similar to the ones that sold.

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Commissioner of the Revenue

(8 days ago) real estate exemption for surviving spouses of certain persons killed in the line of duty a widow/widower who has not remarried may apply for tax years beginning fy 2018 (july 1, 2017). the exemption applies to the value of the dwelling that does not exceed the most recently ended tax. year.

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Finance Your Business :: VBgov.com

(5 days ago) All real estate loans are “owner occupied commercial real estate.” No investment or residential. VSBFA Direct Loan Progra ms VSBFA makes a loan directly to Borrower typically either subordinate to the bank or secured by separate assets. Borrower applies directly to VSBFA which underwrites, closes, and manages the credit.

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Mobile Homes :: VBgov.com

(4 days ago) The intention of the owner. Mobile homes assessed as personal property are assessed at the same tax rate as real estate. For FY20 (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020), the real estate tax rate as set by City Council is $1.0175 per $100 of assessed value. Under the provisions of Code of Virginia, § 58.1-3522, mobile homes are assessed by square footage.

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(Just Now) Applicant(s) cannot own any other real estate. Household assets, not to include retirement accounts or the value of the eligible property, cannot exceed $75,000. If the family has net assets, including retirement accounts, in excess of $5,000, annual income shall include the greater of the actual income derived from all net

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REAL ESTATE ASSESSOR’S t r t s t r t t

(3 days ago) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2020, 2021 & 2022 Real Estate Assessor’s Annual Reports Comparison of Pertinent Data PARCEL INVENTORY COUNTS (January 1, 2021) Jan. 2019 Jan. 2020 Jan. 2021 Total Count of Taxable Parcels 158,057 158,586 158,902 Total Count of Exempt Parcels 3,768 3,757 3,777 Total Parcel Count 161,825 162,343 162,679 Ownership Transfers & Plats Processed …

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Tax Assessment Data :: VBgov.com

(6 days ago) Real Estate Assessor's Office. (757) 385-4601. (757)385-5727. 2424 Courthouse Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456. Regional Tax Rates. Virginia Beach has the lowest tax rate in the region . Virginia Beach.

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Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Relief Program

(4 days ago) A maximum relief of $500 for residential real estate taxes and $250 for personal property tax has been established for eligible households. The amount of relief will be the billed amount, or the benefit maximum, whichever is lower. Each household could potentially receive both benefits for a maximum relief amount of $750.

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Articles :: VBgov.com

(9 days ago) Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Relief Program Applications Now Accepted Through July 31 (7/10/2020 1:00:00 PM) Commissioner of the Revenue Rolls Out New, Convenient Online Appointment Scheduling Tool (7/10/2020 12:30:00 PM)

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Pembroke Manor House :: VBgov.com

(2 days ago) Architectural Description: Pembroke Manor is a two-story, brick Georgian style home laid in the Flemish bond. It is capped with a wooden hipped roof. The front and rear facades are five bays wide, while the north and south facades are both two bays wide. The windows are nine over nine wooden double-hung sash. There are two interior brick chimneys.

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Personal Property Tax Relief (PPTR) :: VBgov.com

(5 days ago) Virginia Beach City Council sets the tax relief each year. Tax bills are reduced by Virginia Beach's expected reimbursement under the Personal Property Tax Relief Act from the Commonwealth, for qualified vehicles based on the first $20,000 of value. Most recent tax relief rates are as follows: . 2016 …

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