What is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a company that owns, operates and finances income-generating real estate. A REIT is modelled after mutual funds and allows individual investors to earn dividends from real estate investments without having to finance or manage the property themself.

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Commercial Property Market Trends and Outlook SevenCapital

(6 days ago) With immense changes happening across commercial real estate markets worldwide, it’s challenging to keep tabs on the latest trends and what to expect in the coming months. 2020 was difficult and unexpected for the entire property market, but things weren’t as …

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UK Property Investment Company About SevenCapital

(1 days ago) SevenCapital is a leading UK Property Investment Company. Combining deep expertise with an unrivalled track record, the business has grown to become one of the most forward thinking, progressive and reputable property investment and development companies in the UK.Specialising in both the commercial and residential development sectors SevenCapital own and manage our developments …

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The Best Property Investment Books SevenCapital

(5 days ago) The Millionaire Real Estate Investor. Written by Gary Keller. Everybody wants to invest like a millionaire but there’s often just one problem: you probably don’t have a couple of million lying around that can be invested. This is where Gary Keller and ‘The Millionaire Real Estate Investor’ can help, supporting you in building wealth

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Global Property Trends for 2020 SevenCapital

(1 days ago) ‘Property technology’ is affecting the entire real estate sector and has some of the highest-potential in terms of scope, especially if the traditionally slow-moving industry can adapt to the fast-moving digital landscape. One of the biggest trends at present is the utilisation of virtual reality (VR) throughout the property sector.

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Hong Kong Property Investment Company SevenCapital

(3 days ago) For Hong Kong Internationals looking to invest in UK Real Estate. We are international property investment experts with developments in many desirable areas of the UK. Our Property Consults based in Hong Kong are always on hand to meet and share exert support in …

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South Africa Property Trends for 2020 SevenCapital

(7 days ago) As part of our wider 2020 trends forecasting, we’re examining the outlook for the UK and South African markets as we head into the new year, as well as some of the global property trends that will shape real estate in 2020. South African Property Trends

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Slough Property Price Forecast 2021 SevenCapital

(3 days ago) In 2019, Slough’s population sat comfortably at 149,539, but with tenants now moving up to 40 miles outside of the capital, this commuter town, along with the likes of Bracknell, are prime real estate for tenants. With the Elizabeth Line set to condense the commute to London to just 18 minutes, Slough is anticipating a population increase of

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UAE Property Trends vs UK Property Trends SevenCapital

(9 days ago) With Dubai’s real estate market on the rocks and rental prices taking the brunt of the fall, maybe now is the time for UAE investors to start considering how the UK can play a part in their financial future and start their property portfolio.

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John Watkins SevenCapital Leading UK Property Company

(5 days ago) Director. John brings over 20 years of experience in real estate investment to SevenCapital. He has a significant track record in the formulation and implementation of investment strategies. In 2015 John created two new joint venture companies with Aventicum Capital (a joint venture between Credit Suisse and the QIA) to acquire and intensively

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Off-Plan Property Ultimate Guide To Off Plan Property

(3 days ago) A Game-Changing Off-Plan Development. Property prices expected to grow 17.5% by 2025 (JLL) Brand new Off-Plan development in the London Commuter Belt. Forecasting 7% growth during build. Top location for London leavers forecasting yields above 5%. Exclusive resident-only facilities brand new to Bracknell. Prices from. £289,950.

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UK Property Market Forecast 2021 Property Investor Forecast

(7 days ago) As we enter the final quarter of 2020 and look ahead to 2021, the market is in a precarious position. While we’re still feeling the effects of the post-lockdown mini-boom, there’s no doubt that any positive UK property market forecast for 2021 relies on several factors.

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Matt Thame SevenCapital Leading UK Property Company

(3 days ago) Matt has been in the real estate finance sector since 2014 – structuring products across the capital stack, regularly against diverse asset classes and complex sponsor structures. Before going into real estate, Matt was on a rotational programme with Glencore Spain where he gained experience in trading commodities and derivatives.

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How to Invest in Property Property Investment 101

(1 days ago) Real Estate Investment Trusts are essentially investment funds that solely invest in property. If you’re not in a position to make a cash investment or have the money for a deposit, a REIT can be more accessible. As a pooled fund, it’s easier to get in and out of as your essentially buying property with other investors.

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Expat Investment UK Real Estate Investment SevenCapital

(2 days ago) for International Real Estate Investors with SevenCapital Book a Face-to-face Strategy Meeting With our local international experts to discover the right investment for you Reserve Your Property Unit Then use our Tax specialists, Overseas Mortgage and Foreign Exchange Services available

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REIT vs Buy-to-Let Investment Investor Resources

(3 days ago) A real estate investment trust (REIT) is, fundamentally, a company that owns, manages and finances real estate. Modelled after mutual funds – very similar to a collection of shares – a REIT allows investors to invest in a ‘collection’ of property and earn dividends from the real estate investments without having to finance or manage the

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Looking Back Over a Decade in UK Property SevenCapital

(1 days ago) Looking Back Over a Decade in UK Property. As we head into a new decade, now is a good time to examine how UK property has evolved over the last ten years. The property market has been flipped on its head since 2008 with the financial crash that sent shockwaves around the world. New regions have emerged, investment habits have completely

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How To Create Passive Income from Property SevenCapital

(8 days ago) Step 4: Invest and Wait. If the aim of the property investment is to build consistent returns over the long-term, there’s no doubt that the earlier you invest, the better. ‘ Invest and Wait ’ is a common strategy that can result in compound return and long-term passive income, freeing up capital to re-invest. One of the most valuable

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Oxford Property Price Forecast

(4 days ago) This has contributed to the city’s recovery since the crash in 2008, now ranking 3rd in the country with property prices increasing by 55% compared with a decade ago. This puts the city just behind London (+65%) and Cambridge (+70%), driving a huge amount of demand for housing in the area. Oxford seems to be continuing to follow the trends

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South African Investors Turn to UK Properties SevenCapital

(5 days ago) Misery for South African Economy. When looking at South African investment in the UK specifically, prior to the 2016 vote, 86% of RSA investors cited investments in the UK, a figure which has only dropped to 82% since the referendum. Despite the perceived uncertainty that comes with Brexit, respondents to the SevenCapital Brexit Survey showed

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UK Property Investment Company in Dubai

(9 days ago) SevenCapital is a property investment company in Dubai, based in the UK. A financially strong property developer, and one of the largest privately owned real estate and development companies in the UK. Operating across residential, commercial and hospitality sectors we have built an extensive portfolio of projects, with a value in excess of £2

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7 ½ Investments to Generate Passive Income SevenCapital

(8 days ago) Real Estate with a Long-Term Holding Pattern. It might seem biased to include real estate in this list, but the truth is, property investment is one of the most commonly chosen passive income investments for a reason. With a long history of reliability and flexibility compared to other investment assets, a long-term strategy focused around

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Best Places to Invest in UK Property 2021 UK Property

(4 days ago) Birmingham and Manchester are set to deliver the best rental growth which puts them firmly at the top of the best places to invest in UK property 2021. Their exceptional performance is largely buoyed by the strength of new developments, increasingly high demand and a lack of supply driving up rental prices. Fields marked with an * are required.

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Property Investment UK: Why Should You Invest in UK Property

(4 days ago) In the 2020 Global Real Estate Transparency Index by JLL, it emerged that the UK was the ‘most transparent’ market in the world, closely beating the United States, Australia and France. JLL describes the top transparent markets as being the ‘world’s leading investment destinations… pushing the boundaries of transparency through

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Birmingham Property Price Forecast 2021 SevenCapital

(1 days ago) With the start of a new year, naturally many investors are looking for the best Buy-to-Let investment areas in the UK. Following the surprising ‘mini-boom’ that UK property has witnessed during 2020, we’re examining how regional cores continue to grow in popularity and what that means for the Birmingham property market forecast in 2021.

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Investing in UK Real Estate from Overseas UK Real Estate

(9 days ago) Invest in the UK from overseas with a trusted, proven developer. With over 6,760 residential units delivered across prime UK real estate locations including Birmingham and the South East, SevenCapital is a leading property investment company.

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Birmingham Property Price Forecast Birmingham Market

(4 days ago) This price differential is one of the key factors of the Birmingham market. Despite drawing comparisons with London in terms of lifestyle, the difference in development prices is stark – with the average new-build price sitting at £300 – £450 per sq ft in central Birmingham compared to £1,000 – £2,000 per sq ft in central London.

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Best Areas to Invest in Property Near London BTL

(9 days ago) Churchill Place: Prices from £189,950. —. With this in mind, the best areas to invest in property near London can be found throughout both the traditional and ‘outer’ commuter belt. With the private rented sector still on course to grow to 25% by 2021 – meaning nearly one in four will be renting rather than owning – now is the time

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Investing in UK Property For Overseas Investors Leading

(2 days ago) SevenCapital is a UK leading property developer and property investment experts. With our developments strategically placed to benefit from the construction of infrastructure improvements such as Hs2 and Crossrail, our Off-Plan apartments across Birmingham and London commuter towns provide a high-yield, buy-to-let investment to suit the needs of any property investment portfolio.

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Why Invest in Birmingham Property

(Just Now) Demand is the lifeblood of any property investment. This is why Birmingham Buy-to-Let property is such a popular asset with many investors. As the second largest city in the UK – with a population set to hit 1.24 million by 2030 – Birmingham continues to be a key location for young professionals, students, families and even those leaving the capital.

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How Will COVID19 and Brexit Impact Property Investment

(5 days ago) The real estate market is an attractive investment in the long-term for potential consumers. Long-term investment is a strong and firm decision if you are willing to invest, rather than short term proposals. There is still a doubt what the future holds for the property sector, but for now, it’s the best time to invest.

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Investing in UK Buy-to-Let Buy-to-Let Investment Tips

(8 days ago) If you’re planning on leaving your Buy-to-Let property, or property portfolio, to your loved ones when you pass, your asset(s) may be subject to this tax. Although there is a £325,000 threshold, if the estate is valued more than this figure, it will have 40% deducted in inheritance tax.

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New Developments in Birmingham 2021 SevenCapital

(7 days ago) 103 Colmore Row Tower. Joining Birmingham’s business centre in 2021 is 103 Colmore Row Tower, which has been described as ‘a new landmark’ for the city. The impressive 26 storey office block is set to dominate the Birmingham skyline, with the addition of a 3,000 sq ft roof terrace, a four storey winter garden and multiple restaurants.

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UK Property Tax for Overseas Investors SevenCapital

(9 days ago) The rates of CGT are 18% or 28% for individuals (depending on UK income), 28% for trustees and 20% for companies. Overseas investors have the option to claim relief from CGT where the property is occupied as their main residence. To qualify for this, the investor should live in the property for at least 90 days in a single tax year.

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UAE Property Trends in 2021 Overseas Investment

(3 days ago) Generally speaking, UAE real estate has been in a downtrend for several years, a problem exacerbated by the global pandemic. As supply has grown throughout the region, demand hasn’t kept pace. This means, for several years, prices have been negatively impacted, down almost 40% from their peak – a fall that is influencing UAE property trends

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Bal Sohal About Bal Sohal Chairman of SevenCapital

(2 days ago) Bal is the founder and chairman of SevenCapital and an experienced investor in the hospitality and real estate sectors. Bal has considerable experience of complex real estate transactions, including deal structuring, financing and the successful monetisation of projects both in the UK and overseas.

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Best Places to Invest in Birmingham 2021 BTL Hotspots

(6 days ago) Digbeth. Digbeth is widely recognised as Birmingham’s most ‘up-and-coming’ area. Just five minutes from the Bullring and the city-centre, Digbeth is a vibrant melting pot of arts, culture, digital business and exciting independent retail – making it one of the key winners in the best places to invest in Birmingham.

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Invest in UK Real Estate from Hong Kong UK Property

(9 days ago) If you’re looking to invest in UK real estate from Hong Kong, here’s where you should be considering. Our brand new UK Investment Guide for 2021 is filled with the insights you need to make an informed decision and is completely free. Hit the link below and download your copy of the 2021 UK Investment Guide today.

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Best Rental Yields in the UK 2021 UK BTL Hotspots

(Just Now) As a whole, the average UK rental yield sits at 3.53%, so anything over that amount can be considered overperforming. Rental yields can change from postcode to postcode, so it’s important to keep researching investment locations to see which can offer the best returns. At SevenCapital, we typically look for locations that can offer long-term

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Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in UK Property

(4 days ago) While this is a huge benefit for UK residents, it’s particularly appealing for any international investors that are interested in UK real estate. These investors should consider investing before 1 April 2021 – at this point the SDLT rates will revert back to normal on top of the additional 2% surcharge that is due to be enforced, as

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Angus Michie SevenCapital Leading UK Property Company

(5 days ago) Angus drives SevenCapital’s UK residential development strategy. Previously Divisional Chairman at Berkeley, where he spent in excess of 24 years, Angus specialises in identifying, planning and developing large-scale and complex city centre and mixed-use schemes in London. Angus is also non-executive director of a housing association.

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Buying UK Property from Overseas SevenCapital

(2 days ago) The short answer is, yes. Overseas buyers can purchase UK property even if they do not live in the UK, although there are several considerations to take into account. Buying UK property is always much easier if the investor is a cash buyer, as this circumvents the need to apply for a mortgage or take on additional borrowing.

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Derby Rental Yields Derby Investment SevenCapital

(1 days ago) Average Rental Yields in Derby Average Property Price: £235,141 Average Rent: £796 / month Average Rental Yield: 4.06% The average rental yield in Derby for …

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Investing in UK Real Estate from India UK Real Estate

(5 days ago) Taxes when buying UK real estate from India. The four principle taxes that will affect your investment are: Income Tax – This is a tax on an individual’s income. Capital Gains Tax (CGT) – This is a tax on capital gains made when assets are sold (or gifted in certain cases). Inheritance Tax (IHT) – This is a tax on the value of a person

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Why Invest in East Midlands Property

(5 days ago) The East Midlands is at the heart of the UK, and with connections across the country, the region is growing in popularity. Despite this rising demand for property, prices across key cities, including Derby, Nottingham and Leicester, remain relatively affordable when compared to UK averages.

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Slough Property Price Forecast Outpacing UK Average in 2020

(4 days ago) Slough’s position as a regeneration hotspot and commuter destination has contributed to an above-average rental performance against its peers in the South East. With a redevelopment plan worth over £3 billion, a rapidly rising population and an average property price of £379,254 compared to London’s £628,416, Slough can currently deliver

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Top 5 Emerging Places to Invest in Property UK 2020 UK

(3 days ago) Out of each location on this list, Northampton has experienced some of the highest (and fastest) price growth. With property prices increasing by 5.3% over the last 12 months – outperforming the national average by a large margin – Northampton is a truly emerging market despite it being earlier in the property cycle.

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Invest in UK Real Estate from South Africa UK Real

(2 days ago) Investing in UK Real Estate from South Africa After the challenges of 2020 and the current pandemic, new predictions for the UK property market are booming. With growth expected in key regional areas over the next five years, plus London’s slow recovery, we’re now seeing a market more varied than ever.

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