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The #1 Personally Branded Magazine for Agents

This is by far the best referral generating tool for real estate. Lee Ann M. RE/MAX - Bridgewater, NJ I find American Lifestyle magazine to be my most successful marketing tool next to the MLS. With every issue sent out, I have received either a new listing or a new referral from someone who receives the magazine. This product is easy to

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How to Invest in Real Estate as a Real Estate Agent

(3 days ago) Real Estate Attorney. Your real estate attorney will be an invaluable resource to help you put together the documents and deals you need, including purchase agreements, rental agreements, and service provider agreements. In addition, your attorney will give you advice on the structure of legal entities, including LLCs or S-Corps that you may

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Best Real Estate Newsletters—What You Need to Know

(7 days ago) Real estate newsletter ideas that endear. A story about your team volunteering at a local charity. A photo display of a pet adoption event you sponsored. An appeal for the community to participate in a cleanup event. (This idea offers an easy segue to talk about property values and curb appeal.)

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A Real Estate Agent's Guide to Building a Personal

(6 days ago) As a real estate agent professional in an industry where you and every other agent are buying and selling properties, your personal brand is about the only thing that will truly separate you from your competition. You want to take the time and the care in determining how you will develop, portray, and market it to your audience.

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Top 12 Real Estate Blogs to Share with Clients

(8 days ago) Top 12 Real Estate Blogs to Share with Clients. If you’re looking to keep your social media audience engaged, you need to regularly check in with relevant, meaningful content that speaks to their lives. Many real estate agents are tempted to flood their Facebook timelines with their own listings and little else. This is a big mistake.

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American Lifestyle Magazine Real Estate Edition

(4 days ago) American Lifestyle magazine keeps me in the front of my sphere so my clients remember my name in association with anything real estate. The receptionist at my hair salon was leaving and told me one of the things she would miss about her job was reading the magazine at the desk where I sent a copy. Of course, I put her on my mailing list.

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How New Real Estate Agents Can Get Leads for Free

(1 days ago) Real estate agents can get leads for free by contributing to traditional and social media. Write an article or be willing to serve as a guest for a nano influencer. Action item: Take a trip to the local newspaper office and introduce yourself to the editor of the home section, local news section, or if it’s a small paper, the editor-in-chief.

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Killer Spring Open House Ideas for Real Estate Agents

(5 days ago) Killer Spring Open House Ideas for Real Estate Agents. Posted on May 3, 2018. For agents, the spring market is synonymous with new. Between new listings and prospects, it can often feel like you don’t have enough time to devote to ordinary tasks, such as open houses. But, the spring months actually provide the perfect opportunity to breathe

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The Only 3 Real Estate Content Ideas You'll Ever Need

(4 days ago) Image source. Here’s the problem with nearly all articles promising to offer you real estate content marketing ideas . . . They offer lists (sometimes really long lists) of disjointed content ideas that are meant to help stimulate the creative side of your brain about the types of content you can create—blogs, videos, newsletters, and the like. But what they rarely focus on …

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The Ultimate Daily To-Do List of Successful REALTORS

(5 days ago) The Ultimate Daily To-Do List of Successful REALTORS® [Updated 8/14/19] Posted on April 7, 2017. It’s difficult for real estate agents to maintain a daily routine. The job requires constant adaptation, and since no two days are ever the same, agents have to remain agile. But there are 4 things you absolutely must do everyday.

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Using Virtual Real Estate Methods to Combat COVID-19

(4 days ago) Although the real estate industry has made dramatic steps in recent years to adapt to the increasingly virtual world, the arrival of COVID-19 has forced many in the industry to completely adapt seemingly overnight. In times of crisis, it can feel impossible to move forward and acclimate, but it's the reality that most businesses are facing right now—and those who …

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Real Estate Newsletters for Clients – Ideas and Options

(5 days ago) The best real estate newsletters provide clients and prospective clients with information they perceive as valuable, which, generally speaking, is material they can use and enjoy. Valuable information tends to be educational, entertaining, or endearing—the 3 Es. You can use the 3 Es to approach any topic that is timely and relevant to your

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How to Market Luxury Real Estate to High-End Clients

(4 days ago) Rob Jensen is the president of Rob Jensen Company, a real estate company in Nevada specializing in guarded and gated communities. About advertising in the luxury real estate market, he wrote, “The quality of the marketing needs to meet or exceed the quality of the property.” That’s good advice.

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What to Do Your First Year as a Real Estate Agent

(Just Now) As a real estate agent, you can find yourself overwhelmed by the array of demands, leaving you unable to prioritize effectively. In order to get more done, begin time blocking so that you can make time for activities that pay dividends, either in personal satisfaction or in profitability. By time blocking, you ensure that the most important

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