Initial License Requirements

45 hours or 3 college credits Real Estate Principles. 45 hours or 3 college credits Real Estate Law (must include 18 hours Nevada law). 15 hours or 1 college credit in contracts in real estate transaction to the extent allowed in the capacity of the licensee.

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Statutes and Regulations

(7 days ago) Statutes and Regulations. Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) are laws that are enacted by the legislature. The primary laws that govern real estate are listed below. Changes to these laws may only be made through legislative action. You can follow changes to these laws by visiting the Nevada Legislature website. Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) are

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(3 days ago) Nevada Real Estate Division Page 4 of 5 Seller Real Property Disclosure Form 547 Replaces all previous versions Revised 07/25/2017 Buyers and sellers of residential property are advised to seek the advice of an attorney concerning their rights and obligations as set forth in Chapter 113 of the Nevada Revised Statutes regarding the seller’s

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(3 days ago) Approved Nevada Real Estate Division Page 3 of 4 584 Replaces all previous versions Revised 07/01/2017 or shared elements of the community and for the day-to-day operation and management of the community. Because homeowners sitting on the executive board and other boards and committees of the association may not have the experience or

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(3 days ago) Licensed real estate salesmen employed by a registered owner-developer may not be associated with a real estate broker during the same time period. Instructions to Applicants for Owner-Developer Registration . The owner-developer registration will not be issued if an exemption from NRS 119 for the property described in the

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Active Licensee Lists

(4 days ago) The Nevada Real Estate Division updates lists of active licensees, registrants, and certificate and permit holders that are under the authority of the Division on a monthly basis. ( Note: These lists are Excel spreadsheets. When prompted, choose SAVE)

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Nevada Real Estate Division Continuing Education Online

(8 days ago) Nevada Real Estate Division Continuing Education Online Renewal Process Step 5. If this is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to answer three security questions for future use should you become locked out and/or need to reset your password. Click Save. Step 6. Once complete, you will be brought to the user account screen.

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Fiduciary Duty Revised 04/27/2021

(2 days ago) FIDUCIARY DUTY REV. 04/27/2021 Nevada Real Estate Division Presented By the Training Officer; Office of the Ombudsman for Owners in Common-Interest Communities and

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Nevada Real Estate Division

(9 days ago) real estate division residential disclosure guide nevada real estate division revised july 2017 uties owed by a nevada licensee mpact fees oil report ien for deferred taxes ommon-interest communities pen range eller’s real property disclosure sed mobile homes esidential pool safety and drowning prevention nvironmental hazards ewer and water rates

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Sale of a Unit in a Common-Interest Community

(6 days ago) Real estate transactions typically come with a variety of fees, including transfer taxes and recording fees imposed by state and local governments. Each County Recorder's Office determines the amount of tax required based on the value of the home (Declaration of Value). For all counties in Nevada, the rate is $1.95 for each $500 of value.

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Instructions and Guidelines for the Application of a

(4 days ago) before providing real estate service to a client in Nevada and assist in any Nevada Real Estate transactions. 12. Any violation of NRS 645 and the regulations by the out-of-state broker shall subject the cooperative certificate and the license of the Nevada broker to suspension and revocation. 13.

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(3 days ago) The Real Estate Broker or Designated Property Manager must complete the following information. • I (broker name), declare, under penalty of perjury, that I am a duly licensed Nevada Real Estate broker for (company name) and all registrations and licenses are in good standing. • It is my present intent to employ or associate with me , the

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(3 days ago) The Real Estate or Project Broker (Broker) of record for the Company: Address/Location: Timeshare project or timeshare resale company hereby acknowledges that he/she personally knows the applicant, (print name of Applicant) , and that the Broker has reviewed all of

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(9 days ago) A real estate licensee may rent, lease or lease option real estate and perform all activities necessary to represent their client, either the owner or the renter, leading to the conclusion of an agreement to rent, lease, or option the property involved.

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(6 days ago) NRS 645.253: Each licensee shall not disclose, except to the real estate broker, confidential information relating to a client in violation of NRS 645.254. NRS 645.254, paragraph 2: A licensee who has entered into a brokerage agreement to represent a client in a real estate transaction … Shall not disclose confidential information

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(9 days ago) The real estate broker of a partnership, corporation, limited-liability company or sole proprietorship who is required pursuant to NRS 645.310 to maintain a trust account for money received for property management shall: (a) Request a statement from the bank in which the trust account is being held not

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(3 days ago) By policy, the Real Estate Division shall post (via the web site) and sell licensee lists which include the licensee’s name, business address (even if same as home address), and business telephone number. FEE: $290.00 (Forms of payment: check, money order, or cashier’s check made payable to NRED, or cash in exact amount) 1.

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Understanding CIC/ HOA Meetings

(9 days ago) Understanding CIC/ HOA Meetings Rev. 02/03/2020 Nevada Real Estate Division Presented By the Training Officer; Office of the Ombudsman for Owners in Common-Interest Communities

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Nevada Real Estate Division

(1 days ago) The Real Estate Division is seeking to increase membership of the Real Estate Advisory Committee and is inviting applications from interested licensees who meet the criteria listed below. Once appointed to the Committee by the Real Estate Commission, the Advisory Committee member will assist the Administrator on a recurring basis to

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(3 days ago) appraisal of any real estate, timeshare or campground membership, may be served upon said applicant, personally within the State of Nevada. Until the applicant attests by affidavit to the Administrator that he/she is a bona fide resident of the

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(3 days ago) The Nevada Real Estate Division (Division) understands that you will file for an initial registration exemption determination under Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 119.120(4) Residential Builder (RB) filing, SALE OF SUBDIVIDED LAND: LICENSING AND REGULATION.

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(9 days ago) A course of continuing education for real estate licensees must meet the curriculum requirements specified in NAC 645.450. The curriculum is a required minimum standard which provides the basis for Division and/or Commission review in considering the merits of a course for CE credits. In December 2020, NAC 645.450 was amended to include

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Understanding HOA Elections Rev. 01/02/2020

(7 days ago) Understanding HOA Elections Rev. 12/10/2020 Nevada Real Estate Division Presented By the Training Officer; Office of the Ombudsman for Owners in Common-Interest Communities and

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