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How the Real Estate Industry Works

(7 days ago) The real estate industry works because the value of real estate tends to rise. As a result, people are able to make a profit by buying and selling real estate. Agent and brokers capture a portion of this profit by selling a service to those engaged in a real estate transaction.

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Real Estate Listings: How to Get More Real Estate Listings

(Just Now) Despite real estate being considered essential during the COVID-19 pandemic in most states, real estate agents, like professionals from other industries, feel uncertainty. One of the most prevalent questions that real estate agents are asking is: “ Can I get more listings in these tough times?”

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What Are the Best Public Sources of Real Estate Data

(2 days ago) Real Estate is one of the most data-consuming businesses in our world today. From demographics data to statistics and market reports, there is a myriad of information to be analyzed and processed. There are several public sources of real estate data in the US, most of which are free.

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A Complete Guide to the Best Real Estate SEO Keywords for 2021

(6 days ago) Real estate agents spend a lot of time on their website design and pay a lot of money for advertisements, but many still struggle with lead generation. Some of them hire content writers and publish articles regularly, but still fail to score viewers to their website.

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What is GCI in Real Estate and Why It Matters

(2 days ago) In real estate, GCI is the most coveted commission. It refers to the amount of money agreed to be paid to the agent or broker by the seller. Let’s say you are a seller who agrees to pay a 6 percent commission. If the deal closes at $200,000, then you should pay $12,000 to the agent or broker who cut the deal for you.

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The Major Role of Listings Pictures in the Real Estate Market

(4 days ago) Everyone in real estate needs the same high-quality pictures to increase property exposure and boost sales at the end of the day. This is the power of good real estate photography! However, shockingly there are some agents and realtors who are not capable of using photography properly. It is not rare to see the image of the realtor reflected in

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Real Estate Marketing

(8 days ago) 07 Jun Top 7 Add-ons You Should Use on Your Real Estate Website. Online marketing plays a huge role in every industry, especially the real estate industry. Billboards have been replaced by stunning listings available on real estate websites. It is a huge responsibility to run a successful

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What Does RETS Stand For in Real Estate

(9 days ago) RETS or the Real Estate Transaction Standard is a framework that streamlines property listing data transfers among MLSs, agents, and brokers to address decentralization in the real estate industry and speed the development of IDX, apps, and other products.

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AI in real estate- How Will AI Transform the Real Estate

(Just Now) AI vs. Real Estate Agents. As we already mentioned, some people believe that AI can replace the work of real estate agents, as it’s developing very fast. But we believe that if it’s going to happen at all, it’s very far in future. Are you interested in why we think so? Let’s discuss it. Real Estate is mostly a relationship business.

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How to Become a Luxury Real Estate Agent: Guide 101

(2 days ago) Real estate agents who specialize in luxury real estate have a higher salary than other types of agents. But at the same time, they spend more money proportionally on marketing campaigns. So, be sure that you have some starting capital that you can spend freely for your initial investments.

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What Are the Best Real Estate Magazines to Read

(7 days ago) The real estate industry is moving slowly but steadily toward a better future and better service for real estate agents, as well as buyers and sellers. inform. What is a better way to catch up with these real estate trends than read the most reputable real estate magazines?

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A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent

(3 days ago) RealtyFeed for Real Estate Agents. RealtyFeed is a new gamified, lead generation platform designed for Gen Z real estate agents and others. It includes the best features of a property portal and the best features of a social network. RealtyFeed is an exclusive platform powered by real estate …

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Globalization and the Real Estate Industry: Guide 101

(1 days ago) Building real estate websites, having your own audience on social media and active engagement is something that definitely is needed by every real estate agent to simply generate more leads. One main example can be multilingual real estate websites, which are used for the purpose of having more foreigner visitors\customers for the website.

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Elevator Pitch For Real Estate Agents

(Just Now) Experienced real estate agents will tell you that the first 20 seconds is what makes a difference in the conversation. If you’re able to grab attention of the person you’re speaking with, you can count it as a huge success. We all know that networking is a long-term strategy. The people you talk with and make a good impression on might come back to you and request your service, or

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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Canada: Guide 101

(2 days ago) Canada is a vast country, and there are plenty of property development opportunities in various parts of it. Statistics show that real estate business is growing rapidly, and the Canadian real estate industry is recovering from the real estate bubble of 2016-17.. This means that, sooner or later, there will be a lot of vacancies for real estate agents.

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Real Estate Digitization- Growth of Technology in the Real

(1 days ago) Real estate is one of today’s most successful industries. And part of its growth is a result of technological advancement. Though many millennials want to learn more, some members of the older generations resist the evolutionary technology process. The trend of digital transformation is taking the real estate world by storm, from how we find

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New Technology and the Future of Real Estate Agents

(7 days ago) It means we as real estate agents need to master the new knowledge, use the newest technology, anticipate the upcoming changes, and finally try to offer solutions. Although there are still many tasks in this industry that can be automated like property showings, property value estimates, and property or neighborhood searches, there will be

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Virtual Real Estate Tours: Real Estate Listings Videos

(8 days ago) Real estate listings videos are a very easy way to visualize the property and show its full potential without your clients actually being there. And with safety precautions that we’re all taking right now, this is a perfect solution for both real estate agents and their clients.

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Top Legal Issues For Real Estate Agents and Brokers

(Just Now) Real estate agents should pay attention to environmental issues of the property they are working on. Things like contaminated water, dangerous chemicals, and asbestos may end up in court. Recommending buyers to run inspections and disclosing any …

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What Is AVM (Automated Valuation Model) in Real Estate

(7 days ago) What is RVM in Real Estate? The RVM or Realtors Valuation Model is an automated valuation model developed by the National Association of Realtors for use in its Realtors Property Resource. The RVM produces home appraisal estimates in markets across the United States to help Realtors understand local market dynamics and better price their client

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Discounted Cash Flow Valuation in Real Estate Explained

(9 days ago) Having analyzed the financial market and expected returns of real estate versus various financial instrument investments (such as bonds, stocks, options, etc.) you figure the right discount rate is ought to be 7%. Meaning, this is the amount you’d be expecting to receive as …

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What is Upstream in Real Estate

(2 days ago) Upstream, sometimes referred to as the Upstream Project, is an effort within the real estate industry to centralize broker data management, storage, and distribution across the United States. The company does this by streamlining input for all broker related information such as agent and staff rosters, vendor information, client records and listing data and providing tools for brokers to

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Weebly VS. Wordpress: Which One for Your Real Estate Website

(3 days ago) WordPress as a Real Estate Website Builder. WordPress is a well-known platform, and it is more popular than Weebly. It’s flexibility and rich tools make the platform desired for users. Even though WordPress doesn’t have this ‘’drag and drop” function, it has free themes.

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How to Work From Home As a Real Estate Agent: Guide 101

(8 days ago) For real estate agents communication is one of the most important factors of their work. We communicate with clients to close the deal, contact leads, and get referrals. Some might think that the real estate industry has slowed down, that clients are wary of buying or …

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Real Estate Marketing

(5 days ago) 18 May ‘Creating dreams for people’ – A Conversation With Amanda Ku, Calgary Realtor and Infill Expert. Amanda Ku is a Realtor and marketer based in Calgary, Alberta. In her ten years in the real estate industry, she has built a reputation as Calgary’s most-trusted source on …

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What Is a Real Estate Plugin

(5 days ago) A real estate plugin is a piece of software that can be installed on your website to expand its features and allow it to accomplish new tasks related to real estate.. For example, a real estate plugin might allow you to create and publish listings online, connect to an MLS as part of IDX, or capture information about your leads.. Real estate plugins are modular, meaning they are self-contained

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What is VOW in Real Estate

(7 days ago) VOW or virtual office website is a real estate data product offered by most MLS that provides more sales history and off-market data than IDX. VOW is designed to help agents looking to drop the brick-and-mortar business model and go completely online. A VOW site operates similarly to many other real estate websites.

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How RealtyFeed Revolutionizes Online Real Estate

(5 days ago) Real estate technology is evolving toward a more universal approach where data consolidation is the key. The bottom line is the need for a medium such as RealtyFeed has never been this vital. Thanks to Realtyna and their hardworking team of savvy real estate tech experts,

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Encouraging Quotes for Real Estate Agents

(4 days ago) Real estate agents are pros when it comes to adapting to a new reality of things. Just look at how smoothly real estate professionals implemented major technologies into their daily routine: real estate websites, virtual tours, CRM, Zoom and Skype, and an increased online presence across all major social media platforms. All of that was

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What Is a RETS Data Feed

(1 days ago) A RETS data feed is a unique raw data connection between your website and your MLS based on the Real Estate Transaction Standard that allows you to import property listings, and with the right software, display them on your website. Many agents use a RETS data feed to set up a property search on their website.

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