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Real Estate Massachusetts and Rhode Island Law Firm

Full range of real estate services and projects. We represent clients in all aspects of real estate development projects, including large-scale retail, commercial, residential, condominium and industrial development. This encompasses site acquisition and due diligence issues, governmental permitting, structuring and negotiation of financing

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Real Estate Ownership: Rhode Island Massachusetts and

(4 days ago) Real Estate Ownership: Rhode Island. Client alerts; Articles; Three Things; Press Releases; Events; Boston Office 30 Federal Street Boston, MA 02110 T: 617-292-7900 F: 617-292-7910. Providence Office 40 Westminster Street Suite 1100 Providence, RI 02903

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Real Estate Ownership: Rhode Island

(1 days ago) All real property in Rhode Island is subject to taxation unless otherwise provided (R.I. Gen. Laws § 44-3-1). The following are some examples of what is considered “real property” for real property taxation: Commercial real estate, including office buildings, manufacturing facilities, recreational facilities, quarries, and agricultural

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Real Estate Radio

(2 days ago) Real Estate Radio - WBZ News Radio. May 13, 2017. Listen to Bill's discussion beginning at 20:00. Client alerts.

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"Real Estate Salesperson in MA: Independent Contractor or

(4 days ago) The real estate statute prohibits a salesman from conducting or operating his own real estate business or acting except as the representative of a real estate broker, who shall be responsible for the salesman and who must approve the negotiation and completion by the salesman of any transaction or agreement which results or is intended to

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Real Estate Brokerage Laws and Customs: …

(8 days ago) A real estate salesman is an individual who performs any act or engages in any transaction included in the description of a real estate broker, except that a saleman may not complete the negotiation of any agreement or transaction which results or is intended to result in the sale, exchange, purchase, renting or leasing of any real estate

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RI Supreme Court Decision to Impact Real Estate, Title and

(7 days ago) In a case having broad implications for residential real estate transactions, title insurance companies, and the mortgage industry, the Rhode Island Supreme Court on May 29 addressed the issue of whether residential real estate closings and related services should be considered the practice of law, and if so, whether non-attorneys should nevertheless be …

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"Does the Independent Contractor Statute Apply to Real

(3 days ago) A few months ago we wrote about a case awaiting decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (“SJC”) entitled Monell, et al. v. Boston Pads LLC, et al., SJC-11661, a case then on appeal from a decision of the Suffolk County Superior Court, holding that the independent contractor statute does not apply to real estate salespersons. Well, the SJC has now spoken, …

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"Massachusetts Homestead Now Available to Trust

(8 days ago) The Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts recently issued an interesting decision for those using trusts to hold title to real estate. Judge Feeney, the author of In re: Rodriques, declared a Massachusetts Homestead valid though title …

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Brian J. Reilly Attorney Massachusetts and Rhode

(7 days ago) Brian J. Reilly. Associate. 617-292-7900 Download vCard [email protected] Print PDF. Experience. Overview. Brian is thorough, resourceful, creative, and has a keen eye for detail. He is passionate about his work and enjoys getting to know his clients and their businesses. Brian concentrates his practice on corporate and real estate matters, and

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Daniel E. Burgoyne Attorney Massachusetts and Rhode

(9 days ago) Single-asset real estate cases. Defense of claims involving fraudulent or preferential transfers. Petitions for the appointment of a liquidating receiver for business organizations or real estate. Receivership proceedings brought by municipalities under Rhode Island statutes pertaining to abandoned properties. Priority disputes with other lenders.

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Real Estate Finance: Rhode Island

(2 days ago) Others engaged in residential and commercial real estate projects. (R.I. Gen. Laws §§ 34-28-1 to 34-28-37.) To perfect a mechanic's lien in Rhode Island, the lienor must com-plete the following requirements: Send the property owner or tenant a Notice of Possible Mechanic's Lien within 10 business days of commencing work or delivering the

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Crowdfunding Commercial Real Estate: Panacea or Path to

(3 days ago) Crowdfunding for commercial real estate projects thus may be both a panacea and a path to disaster, depending entirely on the project and the portal through which one invests. It is likely that as the market evolves, the SEC sets some rules, and the crowdfunding process matures, it will become a more common means of raising capital.

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What Are a Commercial Tenant's Rights If a Landlord Fails

(8 days ago) This article was published by the New England Real Estate Journal on November 30, 2018. The article can be viewed here. A PDF of the article is available here. Client alerts; Articles; Three Things; Press Releases; Events; Boston Office 30 Federal Street Boston, MA 02110 T: 617-292-7900 F: 617-292-7910

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"Title to Foreclosed Properties in Doubt as a Result of

(4 days ago) Real Estate; Tax; Boston Office 30 Federal Street Boston, MA 02110 T: 617-292-7900 F: 617-292-7910. Providence Office 40 Westminster Street Suite 1100 Providence, RI 02903 T: 401-861-8200 F: 401-861-8210. SouthCoast Office 128 Union Street Suite 500 New Bedford, MA 02740

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Allison L. Fleet Attorney Massachusetts and Rhode

(6 days ago) Allison is a real estate and commercial finance lawyer. She works closely with real estate developers and landowners, as well as the owners and executives of small and mid-sized businesses with property portfolios across New England. In her real estate practice, Allie handles commercial real estate construction projects from start-to-finish

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Neil B. Smola Attorney Massachusetts and Rhode Island

(6 days ago) His real estate experience includes land use issues on the islands of Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Cuttyhunk. Before joining Partridge Snow & Hahn as Counsel in the firm’s Southcoast office, Neil was an associate at Perry Hicks LLC in New Bedford, Massachusetts. In this role, he handled a range of trusts & estates, real estate, and

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Chinese Investment in Boston Commercial Real Estate

(2 days ago) As seen in the March 25, 2016 edition of the New England Real Estate Journal.. China’s volatile stock market has only increased the desire for foreign capital inflow from China to U.S. Chinese foreign investment in U.S. commercial real estate has increased steadily from $3 billion in 2013 to $6.6 billion in 2014 to $8.6 billion in 2015.

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