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It’s easy to do it yourself and even easier to have it done for you. On-demand assistants, robust customization, and loads of back office controls. Free 30-day Trial. Types: Broker websites, team websites, agent websites, REALTOR® websites.

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Free Real Estate Marketing Academy Placester

(1 days ago) Real Estate Marketing Mastery: The 2021 Definitive Guide. Without proper marketing, your real estate business will always be limited to the number of people you can personally talk to. Marketing gets the word out about your business. It allows you to connect with …

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Free Real Estate Marketing Resources Placester

(1 days ago) Custom Real Estate Lead Capture Forms Webinar. A customized lead capture form is a form that’s tweaked to appeal to a very specific buyer or seller in a very specific campaign; that might sound like a lot of work to an agent who’s also working on real estate transactions every day, but marketers in the know will attest that custom real estate lead capture forms can be a huge asset for real

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49 of the Best Real Estate Websites for Agents and Brokers

(7 days ago) Real estate consumers appreciate expertise, but what they respond to most is an agent’s enthusiasm for the community they serve—and Mary Ann Cadorna’s enthusiasm is visible on every page. Fully stocked with local content, Mary Ann’s site includes an “about town” page where she shares her passion for local bakeries, events, and more.

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100 Real Estate Definitions for Beginner Agents

(5 days ago) Grantee and Grantor‍. This is a fairly straightforward real estate definition: A grantor is the home seller who transfers their deed to a grantee, the home buyers. According to The Balance, there are different types of deeds a grantor can convey to a grantee — this will vary from state to state.

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How to Start a Real Estate Brokerage

(8 days ago) Starting a real estate brokerage might be a dream, but what does it look like in reality? The real estate brokerage industry is now worth $155 billion.But to cash in and open your own brokerage, you need to get a licence, build a business plan, and sort out a budget.

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Placester Pricing – Fast, affordable and easy to manage

(9 days ago) All Placester sites start with a professionally crafted design, purpose-built for real estate by our UX/UI Design Team. Placester Design’s set a site’s style and functionality so you have a great starting point on which to create. From there you change layouts, copy, fonts, buttons, colors, modules & widgets to display your content as you

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Beginner’s Guide to Being a Real Estate Agent

(6 days ago) An authoritative guide to starting out as a real estate professional. The world of selling real estate. There are many different players in the residential real estate industry—property managers, publishers, builders, banks, and government agencies, to say nothing of buyers, sellers, and renters.

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The 6 Stages of Nurturing and Converting Your Real Estate

(3 days ago) If your real estate marketing mix is doing its job, new leads are consistently entering your contacts database. Ideally, your lead management system is automatically creating dedicated profiles for those prospects so you can focus on adding photos, housing preferences, a buying/selling timeline, and other notes that will help you close deals.

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How to Write an Agent Bio & 10 Knockout Examples

(2 days ago) Your real estate agent bio does a lot more than introduce you to potential clients. It helps buyers and sellers determine if they’ll use your services for their real estate needs. Today, 62% of agents spend at least an hour a day on marketing or advertising to promote their company. Advertising is great for attracting business, but the place

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The Real Estate Closing Gifts Guide: What to Get Your Clients

(7 days ago) Real estate closing gifts can turn your happy clients into repeat customers. Discover 50 gift ideas for your buyer and seller clients in our guide. Join +450,000 of your peers. Don’t miss out on the latest tips, tools, and tactics at the forefront of real estate. Thank you! Your submission has been received!

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Real Estate Agents’ Secret Weapons: 18 Must-Have Items on

(5 days ago) Real estate agents don’t work the typical 9-to-5 job, but that doesn’t mean they don’t snack throughout the day like most office workers do. Having NutriGrain bars, bags of peanuts, or your preferred snack on your passenger seat can prevent you from missing out on …

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15 Advanced Real Estate Listing Presentation Insights for

(5 days ago) Creating stellar real estate listing presentations is how most seller’s agents convert more leads and, in turn, build their business. The best real estate listing presentations offer: Data regarding the local market and comparable sales. Insights into how you plan to market a prospect’s home.

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16 Perfect Drip Marketing Emails for Your Real Estate Leads

(2 days ago) Companies, including real estate agencies, change all of the time, with things like new people coming aboard the team, moved offices, and press-worthy events. Though some of these changes may not seem like anything of interest to the world — including past clients you’ve served — alerting them to updates regarding your business is a great

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5 Ways to Use Google Maps for Real Estate

(5 days ago) When you claim and verify your real estate business with Google Places for Business, you’ll automatically appear on Google Maps. By adding photos, contact information, and hours to your local listing, you’ll give Google Maps searchers an even richer …

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Home Placester

(1 days ago) A real estate agent who works with buyers all the time and knows what they need to know, but you don’t have time to put it together. An assistant who handles marketing materials for an agent or team and who knows your buyer guide materials could be better, but you aren’t a writer or designer.

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How to Become a Real Estate Broker

(4 days ago) Real estate agent license‍. In most places, applicants must be first licensed as a real estate sales agent in order to be eligible for a broker license. This isn’t true everywhere, however: in California, for instance, college graduates who majored or minored in real estate can bypass an agent license.

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Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Keywords (+ 105 Ideas)

(5 days ago) Step #2: Create multiple keyword groups, each with its own distinct primary keyword as the main focus. ‍. Select the most applicable and popular real estate keywords you discover and add them to your real estate SEO spreadsheet. These core keywords will serve as …

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How to Create Real Estate Reports That Impress Leads

(Just Now) Live Urban Real Estate. Real estate video marketing’s popularity continues to skyrocket. Listings videos, client testimonials, expert interviews — the genres of recordings you can create are many, but one that is straightforward to create are (you guessed it) real estate reports.

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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents

(1 days ago) Real estate trainer Valerie Garcia explains you should communicate value to your buyers and sellers, noting you ought to “appeal to your clients emotionally.” The more an agent is able to put themselves in the shoes of their clients, the more respect and trust will develop in their business relationship.

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How to Get the Best Photos for Your Real Estate Website

(9 days ago) Many real estate photographers say taking photos in the morning of sunny days is often best, as it offers premium lighting of properties and affords them plenty of time to get the right shots. For instance, look at the shot below: The sun helps brighten the home and make every facet of it visible (and appealing).

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12 Best Real Estate Newsletter Template Resources

(7 days ago) Creating a real estate newsletter doesn’t have to be difficult. With countless attractive real estate newsletter templates already created, and innumerable email marketing services offering ready-made newsletter themes, it’s pretty simple. The tricky part is sorting through them all to find the best options for both online and print.

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40 Royalty-Free Stock Photo Resources for Your Real Estate

(7 days ago) Finding royalty-free stock photos for your real estate website used to be an arduous (and costly) endeavor. In the past handful of years, though, there’s been quite a …

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How a Real Estate Coach Helps Agents Grow Their Business

(6 days ago) Real estate coaches are generally veterans of the industry: long-time agents and brokers who understand the needs and wants of novice real estate professionals. When you hire a real estate coach, you get personal consultancy and guidance from someone who knows what it takes to market a real estate business,

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The New Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Licensing, Lead

(1 days ago) New real estate agents can learn the ropes of the industry in this guide: from acing licensing exams and choosing a mentor to building a client base. Join +450,000 of your peers Don’t miss out on the latest tips, tools, and tactics at the forefront of real estate.

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42 Engaging Real Estate Newsletter Ideas (with examples)

(6 days ago) Real estate newsletter content like this is a valuable resource for leads who want to keep abreast about the country’s financial situation (something many people are keeping a close eye on these days, for obvious reasons). Updates on Foreclosure and Short Sale Markets ‍

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How to Become a Real Estate Broker in Texas (5-Step Guide)

(Just Now) According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas ranks fifth in real estate broker pay, with a mean annual salary of $96,630.That’s over 27 percent higher than the national average broker salary of $75,910, and nearly double the average salary for all jobs in the U.S.. In certain cities and regions of Texas, real estate brokers can make a good deal more money.

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107 Outside-the-Box Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Tips

(Just Now) 17 Outside-The-Box Real Estate Marketing Ideas. 1. Publish a local market quiz on your real estate website. If you’ve ever checked out BuzzFeed before, then you know people like to take quizzes on just about any subject. Test your audience with a short, multiple-choice quiz on something of interest.

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35 of the Best Real Estate Twitter Accounts to Follow

(5 days ago) The new-age real estate agency has developed a presence in several of the country’s biggest cities. Compass is admired for its savvy digital marketing approach — one that includes in-depth market guides, an extensive quarterly magazine, and a top-of-the-line Twitter account. 14) REALTOR Magazine.

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Real Estate Marketing Mastery: The Definitive 2021 Guide

(2 days ago) A real estate assistant who helps run marketing campaigns for a real estate agent or brokerage and who looking for new methods to deepen your marketing skills. A real estate broker who wants to help agents explore marketing tactics, tools, and strategies to be more effective generating new business, getting referrals, and staying top-of-mind.

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The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate YouTube Marketing

(7 days ago) “Honest Real Estate Agent” provides life and work tips. Talk about dedication. Mario here has been developing real estate YouTube videos for nearly five years, meaning he invested a little time and effort in the video site’s infancy (before it blew up and was later bought by Google) to see if …

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5 Questions to Ask When Recruiting New Real Estate Agents

(5 days ago) As a broker, you have specific goals and metrics you hope to achieve: from establishing an enviable company culture, to continually improving your revenue.. One objective that many top brokerages today fail to make a big priority, though, is the recruitment (and, later on, training and coaching) of new real estate agents.. If you fall into this category of brokers that’s yet to carefully

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12 Great Online Survey Tools for Real Estate Agents

(6 days ago) Use one of these top 12 real estate survey tools to secure testimonials, reviews, and feedback from past clients to improve business and marketing tactics. Join +450,000 of your peers Don’t miss out on the latest tips, tools, and tactics at the forefront of real estate.

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101 Amazing Blog Post Ideas For Your Real Estate Website

(9 days ago) Imagine the future of real estate and discuss how current trending issues might evolve. Create a slideshow of the most expensive homes sold in the last 30 days. Make a list of the most beautiful properties on the market today. List 20 best apps for people preparing to sell their home, searching for a place to live, or a rental. Curation is the

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How to Become a Real Estate Broker in Florida (6-Step Guide)

(2 days ago) Satisfy The Experience Requirements. As noted above, in order to qualify for a broker license in Florida, you must possess an active Florida real estate agent license, and have 24 months of work experience within the five years prior to your application. Step #2. Complete Pre-Licensing Broker Education.

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13 Examples of Perfect Real Estate Branding

(6 days ago) The real secret behind strong real estate brands is a combination of creative elements and on-point messaging into a coherent identity. And if you want to become a real estate branding champion, it takes valuable content, a strong media presence, and regular interaction with …

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Placester Reviews CB&A Realtors Provides Value to Their

(4 days ago) The real estate market is saturated with tools that over-promise and under-deliver for brokerages and agents. Placester focuses on offering a solution that can act as the central hub of any real estate business and exceed expectations. CB&A Realtors is able to seamlessly create content, showcase new listings, and highlight specific areas on

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The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Niche Marketing

(5 days ago) Use savvy real estate marketing ideas that help spread word about your focus area(s) and to make it known that these niches are your forte. Below is a guide for selecting your target marketing niche. By Location. Arguably the most obvious of the many real estate niches in which you can specialize is your geographic market.

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Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts: 14 Tips To Wow Leads

(4 days ago) Real estate cold calling scripts have been used by agents since … well, since the dawn of the industry, to be honest. Contacting leads, past clients, and referrals used to be an entirely “outbound” marketing strategy where agents had to hope they were contacting prospects at the right time.

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Considering Placester for your business

(Just Now) Learn why more than 15,000 businesses trust Placester to create stunning real estate websites, connect digitally with clients, and do more, faster, with less.

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5 of the Best Real Estate Conferences and Events for

(9 days ago) Though the event itself lasts a mere 90 minutes, the networking opportunity at NAR’s bigger real estate event serves as the perfect locale to swap ideas with other luxury brokers (and perhaps scope out some talent for your brokerage). 5) LeadingRE Global Real Estate Conference.

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The Ultimate Real Estate SEO Guide (with Strategies, Tips

(8 days ago) Neglecting the overall real estate marketing plan and waiting to rank. At the end of the day, SEO is just one important component of a marketing strategy. Frustratingly for many, it can take time for content to rank. The average #1 ranked page for a keyword is 3 years old, and only around a fifth of content on page one is a year old: ‍ ‍

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17 Essential Real Estate Blogs for Agents and Brokers

(9 days ago) The real estate technology consulting firm offers long-time real estate agents and brokers a blog that covers issues they can relate to. Media coverage of real estate firms, news about upcoming conferences, opinions about industry changes, the latest study results, and expert advice for agents and brokers are discussed most often by the company

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Real Estate Inbound Marketing Resources to Help You Grow

(8 days ago) Monthly Real Estate Marketing Review: Rising Home Prices, Replying to Customer Reviews, and Facebook Ad Changes. May 21, 2020. Standard. What a Website Does: Push vs. Pull. May 21, 2020. Standard. Monthly Real Estate Marketing Review: Free Realtor Websites, Inbound Data, and More.

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