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Finding a Home in This Overheated Market

Peggy Bellar, a real estate agent in the western Catskills hamlet of Margaretville, N.Y., recalls the languid days of two years ago, when houses sat …

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Manhattan Real Estate Finally Bounces Back to Normal

(8 days ago) The volume of sales surges back to pre-pandemic levels, but prices are up just slightly. By C. J. Hughes As vaccination levels rise and businesses reopen, residential real estate has finally

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Homes That Sold for Around $1 Million

(7 days ago) 1 day ago · Recent residential sales in New York City and the region. By C. J. Hughes Each week, our survey of recent residential sales in New York City and the …

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California Real Estate: Median Home Prices Hold Steady

(6 days ago) California’s Red-Hot Real Estate Market Cools Just a Bit Buyers’ fatigue may have helped stabilize sales figures in May, but brokers expect a renewed frenzy in coming months.

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Here's What $3.3 Million Buys You in California

(3 days ago) 7 hours ago · A Tudor-style home on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, a Craftsman-inspired retreat in Laguna Beach and a 1975 post-and-beam house in Mill Valley. By Angela Serratore 24 …

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The Curious World of NFT Real Estate and Design

(5 days ago) But real estate, architecture and design are also booming in the virtual marketplace. Hrish Lotlikar, co-founder and chief executive of SuperWorld, an augmented reality virtual world,

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Some People Flip Real Estate. I Flip Men.

(7 days ago) By Kelly Sundberg. July 2, 2021, 12:00 a.m. ET. I am a man flipper. I meet a man, fix him up and flip him to someone else. Unlike people who flip real estate …

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The Real Estate Collapse of 2020

(3 days ago) New York City’s real estate industry was hit hard in 2020, as the pandemic disrupted every aspect of the market, making changes in the way people live in the city and beyond.

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The Most Expensive New York City Homes Sold in June

(8 days ago) And in another of the month’s over-$50 million transactions, the real estate investor David Levinson and his wife, Simone Levinson, sold their townhouse near Central Park on the Upper East Side.

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Where Are Real Estate Taxes Lowest (and Highest)

(8 days ago) For this house, a 30-year-fixed mortgage at 3.25 percent with a 20 percent down payment would require a monthly mortgage payment of $1,168, plus about $696 in real estate taxes.

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Moving Downtown, to the Center of the Action

(Just Now) 11 hours ago · A breakup during the pandemic sent him home to Long Island, where he recharged and decided the Upper East Side was just too quiet. Chris Keyloun, …

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The Most Popular Real Estate Stories of 2020

(1 days ago) Dec. 31, 2020. As with every other aspect of American life in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic dominated the real estate industry this year — wreaking havoc on …

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Office Vacancies Soar in New York, a Dire Sign for the

(Just Now) The pandemic has also placed enormous pressure on the commercial real estate sector, a pillar of the New York economy, as landlords rush to redesign offices …

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Manhattan Listings That Have Lingered

(8 days ago) The New York real estate market’s recent hot streak has brought smiles to many faces. But not everybody is happy. Even as buyers snap up units left and right, some apartments are still

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What Will New York Real Estate Look Like Next Year

(9 days ago) Real estate is everyone’s business in New York City. The industry generated nearly $32 billion in taxes last year, 53 percent of the city’s tax revenue, and it employed more than 275,000

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How Real Estate Blew Up in the Hamptons and Greenwich

(4 days ago) Real estate is booming almost everywhere amid the pandemic, but the gains in local housing markets are far from equal. Two wealthy New York …

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The Hamptons Real Estate Sales Boom Continues

(7 days ago) The high-flying Hamptons real estate market continues to soar.. More than a year after the Covid-19 pandemic began, demand for homes remains robust in the moneyed Hamptons, boosted by a …

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House Hunting in Iceland: A Lakeside Cabin for Under

(Just Now) Asdis Osk Valsdottir, managing director of Husaskjol Real Estate, said that before the pandemic, a house in Selfoss might sell for 40 million to 50 million kronur ($293,000 to …

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Rents Were Down, but Could They Afford the West Village

(6 days ago) David Rowland and Jenny Urizar, with Teddy, in Manhattan. The couple crammed into Ms. Urizar’s Chelsea studio during the pandemic and needed …

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New York Real Estate Begins Its Recovery

(Just Now) New York Real Estate Begins Its Recovery. Real estate sales picked up in the final months of 2020, but not enough to make up for the shutdown in the early months of the pandemic. Buyers came back

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House Hunting in Argentina: A Historic Flat in Central

(Just Now) International real estate House Hunting in Argentina: A Historic Flat in Central Buenos Aires Converging crises, capped by the pandemic, have shattered prices and sales volume in Argentina’s

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Investors Fret as Biden Takes Aim at a 100-Year-Old Tax

(3 days ago) The administration wants to rein in a tax deferral on gains from the sale of real estate. Opponents worry that the move would stifle investment. Michael Clarke, a real estate investor, was able to

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Record Increases in Home Prices

(8 days ago) A record 35 percent of homes sold for over asking price, and sales were swift, with homes averaging just 27 days on the market, a record low. Median home prices rose in …

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Hudson Valley Real Estate Market Still Overheated

(5 days ago) As the real estate market remains on a boil in New York’s Hudson Valley, heated in large part by second-home buyers re-evaluating their commitment to urban living, longtime residents are

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N.Y.C. Broker Fees Are Here to Stay. Why Do They Exist in

(2 days ago) Real estate groups defend the fee by asserting that brokers offer a significant resource for renters, and arguing that without the commission, they would be without an income.

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What Will Happen to All the Empty Office Buildings and

(Just Now) This month, Yellowstone Real Estate Investments plunked down $175 million for the 600-room Watson Hotel in Midtown that in many ways is an emblem of the embattled hospitality sector.

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The North Fork Has Its Own Market Moment

(9 days ago) At the same time, evidence of the heated residential market has come to her front door, as real estate agents have begun stuffing cards in the …

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Black Homeowners Face Discrimination in Appraisals

(4 days ago) For weekly email updates on residential real estate news, sign up here. Follow us on Twitter: @nytrealestate. Advertisement. Continue reading the main story. Site Index.

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The Manhattan Home of an Iranian Princess Finally Sells

(7 days ago) The estate of Robby Browne, a top real estate broker at the Corcoran Group who died of Covid-19 in April, sold one of his investment properties — a …

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Some Real Estate Investors Are Putting More Money in One

(4 days ago) Real estate investors have used that section to build wealth for decades. But it could come to an abrupt end. Joseph R. Biden Jr. has vowed to end the preferential tax treatment if elected

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Bucking the Pandemic, Austin Is ‘the Hottest Market in the

(5 days ago) Bucking the Pandemic, Austin Is ‘the Hottest Market in the Country’. The Texas city is a hot spot for commercial real estate investment and a magnet for corporations looking to move to a …

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5 Ways the Coronavirus Has Changed Suburban Real Estate

(2 days ago) Real estate agents were then prohibited from giving in-person home tours, but the homeowner had agreed to personally show them around, provided they wore masks and gloves.

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The first open meeting of the F.T.C. under Lina Khan

(4 days ago) The pandemic has also placed monumental pressure on the real estate sector, a pillar of the New York economy, as landlords have rushed to redesign offices and …

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House Hunting in Norway: Eco-Friendly With Fjord Views for

(1 days ago) One real estate agent works on behalf of both buyer and seller, and is legally obligated to protect the rights of both, Mr. Lauridsen said. The seller pays the commission of 1.5 to 2.5 percent

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To Help Black Developers, Programs Start With Access to

(1 days ago) Few reliable statistics are available, but the industry association NAIOP reported in a 2013 survey, the most recent year available, that 4.4 percent of commercial real estate professionals were

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The Most Popular Words in Real Estate Listings

(7 days ago) To find out, Point2 Homes, a real estate listing website, analyzed the language in 1.2 million listings that were active in July 2019 across the United States.

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The 6 Percent Solution: Skip Real Estate Agents

(5 days ago) The real estate market in the area, near Jacksonville, took off and the house, overlooking lagoons, rose in value to nearly $1 million. "This house has appreciated almost obscenely, " said Mr

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Real Estate’s Latest Bid: Zillow Wants to Buy Your House

(6 days ago) In today’s on-demand digital world, buying and selling a home remains stubbornly, painfully analog. Most sales still begin with a real estate agent (and a 6 percent commission).

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They Want You Back at the Office

(9 days ago) Commercial real estate has hit hard times in recent memory, and it has always bounced back. The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, led to a steep drop in …

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In Real Estate, New Faces, Old Names

(5 days ago) Malkin. Rose. Rudin. Silverstein. Wilpon. Zeckendorf. A takeover generation is coming to the fore among New York's leading real estate families. Men in their 20's, 30's and 40's are taking a …

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Real Estate in Monaco

(7 days ago) Buyers pay a 3 percent real estate commission on the purchase price plus the V.A.T. or Value Added Tax of 20 percent; the seller pays 5 percent plus the V.A.T. Ms. Dwek said real estate …

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Looking for a Place in the Sun

(4 days ago) The going rate for a ruined hamlet is now close to €100,000. If you’re feeling flush, an entire village of 75 homes, all abandoned during the Spanish …

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