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Real Estate Climate Solutions

(6 days ago) MSCI Real Estate Climate Value-at-Risk (Climate VaR), a forward-looking and return-based valuation assessment for individual assets and portfolios. There is an increasing need for real estate investors to be able to identify and understand financial risks from climate change and take necessary action for risk management, portfolio performance

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RealEstate Blog Posts

(2 days ago) A property owned by a listed real estate company, such as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) or a real estate management and development company, should produce returns close to those of an equivalent asset that is privately owned. In reality, however, the results differ, especially when looking at short-term performance.

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Real estate market size 2019/20

(2 days ago) professionally managed real estate owned for investment purposes. Invested real estate stock is defined as property owned for the primary purpose of benefitting from investment returns, as distinct from owner-occupied and non-investment leased real estate. The owner-occupied part of the market comprises real estate that is both owned and occupied

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MSCI – Powering better investment decisions

(1 days ago) MSCI's ACWI is composed of 2,995 constituents, 11 sectors, and is the industry’s accepted gauge of global stock market activity. It provides a seamless, modern and fully integrated view across all sources of equity returns in 50 developed and emerging markets. Created with Highcharts 7.2.0.

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EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

(8 days ago) of private real estate assets Private Real Estate ESG Issuer & Fund Ratings Screening & Controversies ESG Governance Metrics Climate Solutions Sustainable Impact 1.5k+ ESG & Climate equity and fixed income indices2 14k+ issuer ESG Ratings2 ESG & Climate MSCI ACWI Index MSCI World Index MSCI EM Index ESG and Climate Indexes

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ESG Investing: ESG Ratings

(Just Now) An MSCI ESG Rating is designed to measure a company’s resilience to long-term, industry material environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks. We use a rules-based methodology to identify industry leaders and laggards according to their exposure to ESG risks and how well they manage those risks relative to peers.

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Real Estate Recorded Webinars

(Just Now) Real Estate in the age of COVID-19: What have we learned? June 17, 2020 WebEx. View Event Details . webcast. Baromètre MSCI. Juin 17, 2020 WebEx. View Event Details . webcast. Real Insights Webinar Series, Q2 2020. June 10, 2020 WebEx. View Event Details . webcast. COVID-19 and real estate – what have we learned so far? Jun 4, 2020 WebEx

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Real Estate for analytics

(6 days ago) The future of real estate investment analytics. MSCI is transforming the way asset owners and asset managers use analytics for private real estate investments. Over the past year, we have expanded our real estate market coverage and introduced a globally standardized IPD Rental Information Service (IRIS), an analytical tool that helps investors

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Real Estate Market Size Report

(1 days ago) Currency movements impacted the size of the global real estate investment market by approximately +0.1% in US Dollars (USD), in contrast to the negative impact in 2018 (-2.6%). Asset value growth and transaction activity of already existing portfolios, newly identified portfolios and new developments in the market, such as new construction and

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MSCI EMU Real Estate Index

(3 days ago) Real Estate Operating Companies 71.92% Retail REITs 16.25% Diversified REITs 7.08% Office REITs 4.74% 71.92% 16.25% 7.08% 4.74% COUNTRY WEIGHTS Germany 71.92% France 28.08% 71.92% 28.08%. MAY 31, 2021 ABOUT MSCI MSCI is a leading provider of critical decision support tools and services for the global investment community. With over 45 years of

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For Institutional Investors

(2 days ago) Real estate now has greater significance in the wider portfolio context and as a result it is attracting more scrutiny from asset allocators and risk managers. The need for transparency and insight into your real estate portfolio is therefore greater than ever, and growing. Current and Target Real Estate Allocations

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Did Bond Spread Matter for Real Estate

(7 days ago) Did Bond Spread Matter for Real Estate? Bryan Reid and Fritz Louw. March 23, 2021. Relatively strong and stable income returns from real estate can give the impression that real estate is bond-like and that long-term bond yields drive real estate yields. But is the relationship between bond and real estate yields as strong as some assume? The

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MSCI Standards for Real Estate Valuations

(3 days ago) Real estate investment assets are not only illiquid but also extremely heterogeneous, making it difficult to establish purely price-based indexes. Only a small fraction of directly held assets are traded each year (about 5% of the MSCI Global Annual

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Real Estate Conversations MSCI

(6 days ago) Real estate has not historically been immune to growth shocks, but the impact of COVID-19 has been harder to establish than it has for public equities. Read the Blog "You can’t get a holistic view of real estate risk" Yes you can! We’re debunking 5 common real estate myths, starting with the challenge of getting a holistic view of real

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Office Real Estate: The post-Pandemic Trends affecting

(6 days ago) Commercial real estate managers are awakening to the new paradigm. Ensuring a healthy and safe workplace, followed by identifying and generating cost savings, are the top priorities of global corporate real estate executives. Pre-pandemic, these leaders’ main goals were to enable the core business and provide quality service on time and

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MSCI Property Indexes Methodology

(1 days ago) Real estate is a relatively illiquid and heterogeneous asset class. Each property asset is unique, differing from all others in terms of its location, size, tenants and physical characteristics. The time and cost involved in real estate transactions are significant. It typically takes 3-6 months for a large property to transact, with marketing

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Real Estate: Enterprise Analytics

(3 days ago) MSCI Real Estate Enterprise Analytics provides global market and portfolio analytics that fit your view of the real estate investment world, allowing you to see and evaluate the total performance of your entire real estate portfolio, and how you’re managing it.

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Real Estate from a Multi-Asset Class perspective

(5 days ago) Real Estate from a Multi-Asset Class Perspective In episode 6 of our series of weekly conversations on how COVID-19 is impacting real estate investors - Peter Shepard, Head of Fixed Income, Multi-Asset Class and Private Assets Research sheds light on how investors are looking at private assets within a multi-asset class portfolio.

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MSCI Investable Market Indexes

(1 days ago) MSCI investable market indexes. The MSCI Investable Market Indexes (IMI) cover all investable large-, mid- and small-cap securities across the Developed, Emerging and Frontier Markets, targeting approximately 99% of each market’s free-float adjusted market capitalization.. These indexes are based on the MSCI Global Investable Market Indexes (GIMI) Methodology, which aim to provide exhaustive

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MSCI Global Methodology Standards for Real Estate Investment

(8 days ago) The MSCI Real Estate – Index Policies document is part of each Methodology Set and sets out the development and maintenance for the MSCI Private Real Estate Indexes, including Index Design Guidelines and key index policies. 3.2 MSCI GLOBAL DATA STANDARDS FOR REAL ESTATE …

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(6 days ago) 60 Real Estate 6010 Real Estate 601010 Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) 60101010 Diversified REITs 60101020 Industrial REITs 60101030 Hotel & Resort REITs 60101040 Office REITs 60101050 Health Care REITs 60101060 Residential REITs 60101070 Retail REITs 60101080 Specialized REITs 601020 Real Estate Management & Development 60102010

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The journey to net zero: what does climate pressure mean

(Just Now) Real Estate contributes to global emissions. Real estate contributes around 30% of global emissions, according to the International Energy Agency, half of which comes from commercial properties. 3 With such a significant contribution, the sector has a key role to play as governments, and society at large, plot a trajectory to net zero emissions.

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Myth 4: Real Estate operates in a bubble

(5 days ago) The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized more than ever how real estate is impacted in a similar way to other asset classes. This combined with the importance of contextualizing real estate risk and performance is why our research team is producing analysis on key themes such as how rising interest rates impact real estate investors and how real estate performance aligns with GDP growth as well …

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2020 Emerging Real Estate Trends

(9 days ago) For real estate investors, 2019 looks to be another year of adjusting to rapid changes arising from a variety of sources. At MSCI Real Estate we have identified the five emerging real estate trends we view as most likely to impact our clients’ investment decisions over the next 12 months. ESG risks on today’s investment horizon.

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MSCI USA IMI Real Estate Index

(3 days ago) The MSCI USA IMI Real Estate Index is designed to capture the large, mid and small cap segments of the US equity universe. All securities in the index are classified in the Real Estate sector according to the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®).

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MSCI Core Real Estate Indexes Methodology

(8 days ago) The MSCI Core Real Estate Indexes are derived from the MSCI ACWI IMI Real Estate Index, a global index consisting of developed and emerging market countries across the large, mid and small cap size segments. MSCI Core Real Estate Indexes seek to reflect a narrower definition of the real estate universe compared to the broader GICS based real estate

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Global Gateway Cities

(2 days ago) Since the Global Financial Crisis, real estate investors have turned to Global Gateway Cities as a key way to diversify portfolios and to generate capital growth. The conventional wisdom asserts these large, well connected and economically dynamic cities should provide more liquidity and more stable cash flows than those available from secondary markets.

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MSCI Investment Insights 2021

(8 days ago) The survey also underlines the shift to private assets and real estate as investors pursue returns in a low-rates environment. There are important implications: as investors continue to load their portfolio with private assets, will they continue to accept that

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MSCI Index carbon footprint metrics

(1 days ago) MSCI index carbon footprint metrics. MSCI reports the weighted average carbon intensity of over 15,000 indexes for investors who are looking to understand, measure and manage climate risk in their portfolios. Our low carbon indexes aim to manage climate risk by meaningfully reducing the carbon exposure while maintaining a very low tracking

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MSCI Pan-European Quarterly Property Fund Index (Unfrozen

(5 days ago) for Real Estate Investments, there are additional requirements for the Net Asset Value (NAV). These requirements are as follows: a. Funds are required to report their NAV per unit at least quarterly and should have done so for the whole of the period of their performance history within the Index. b.

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Real Estate Conversations: Analyzing Your Real Estate

(9 days ago) Analyzing Your Real Estate Allocation, Strategy and Performance In this episode of MSCI Real Estate Conversations, Doug Slater, Head of Americas Real Estate Coverage, MSCI was joined by Anthony Wirth, Senior Client Consultant, MSCI to discuss the investment insights gained from his career at CBRE Global investors where he held roles from Director of Americas Research to Head …

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MSCI US REIT Custom Capped Index

(3 days ago) The MSCI US REIT Custom Capped Index is a free float-adjusted market capitalization weighted index that is comprised of equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). REITs are companies that in most cases own and operate income producing real estate assets. To qualify as a REIT under the Internal Revenue Code, a REIT is required to distribute at least 90% of its taxable income to shareholders

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MSCI Real Estate Climate Value-at-Risk (Climate VaR

(2 days ago) The warming potential for a real estate property is computed by assessing the property’s carbon intensity against a warming curve valid for the property type and country in which the property is located it. The chart on the opposite side

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2021 ESG Trends to Watch

(3 days ago) 2021 ESG Trends to Watch. Climate. ESG bubbles. Disclosure. Social inequality. Biodiversity. Big and systemic themes will shape the ESG investment market in the coming year. These are the five ESG and climate trends we think will matter most in 2021. Download Transcript.

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IPD Global Quarterly Property Fund Index

(3 days ago) real estate produced a 2.5% return in 3Q 2013 as measured in local currency at the asset level. Real estate’s relatively stable income component explains some of its overall appeal to investors. The income return portion of global real estate investments indexed over the past one to five years has ranged from 6.2% to 5.9%. This

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MSCI US IMI Real Estate 25/50 Index

(3 days ago) Real Estate Development 0.3% Real Estate Operating Companies 0.21% Other 0.21% 9.02% 10.88% 13.55% 8.94% 7.69% 3.77% 3.54% 3.25% 0.3% 0.21% 0.21% 38.64%. DEC 31, 2020 ABOUT MSCI MSCI is a leading provider of critical decision support tools and services for the global investment community. With over 45 years of expertise in research, data and

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MSCI Indexes for Canadian Investors

(6 days ago) MSCI has created a series of indexes that are specifically relevant for Canadian investors, as they are calculated in CAD, hedged to CAD, and/or have been optimized in CAD when seeking to reduce volatility. Furthermore, MSCI has a long history of producing indexes that capture Canadian equities, such as the MSCI Canada Index (based on MSCI’s

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MSCI USA IMI sector indexes

(8 days ago) The MSCI USA IMI Sector Indexes are derived from the broad MSCI USA Investable Market Index (IMI), which includes over 2,400 large, mid and small cap stocks, covering approximately 99% of the free float-adjusted market capitalization in the U.S.

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