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Load up, help yourself to blog posts, videos, property real estate listings, local area information for 40 Greater Houlton Maine communities. MOOERS REALTY proudly lists, sells, promotes. Since 1976, our office is serving home, farm, land, waterfront, business property buyers and sellers. Mooers Realty.

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Mooers Realty Listings Mooers Realty

(1 days ago) Maine Real Estate Property Listings For Sale. Listing data is derived in whole or in part from the Maine IDX & is for consumers' personal, non-commercial use only.

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Maine Real Estate Listings Mooers Realty

(5 days ago) This Real Estate IDX is (c) Diverse Solutions 2021. Property Videos. Contact Mooers Realty Andrew Mooers 69 North Street, Houlton, Maine 04730 PHONE: +1 (207) 532-8960 EMAIL: Featured Listings in Northern Maine. Active . Featured. $675,000

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Andrew Mooers, Mooers Realty Mooers Realty

(3 days ago) About Andrew Mooers, Mooers Realty MOOERS REALTY helps both Maine real estate property listing buyers and sellers. Quickly access Northern Maine real estate / statewide information. Save time, money, frustration. Touch, swipe, tap, study. Buy, sell, search, learn. There are so much real estate and Maine area details packed into this website. Nothing to sign […]

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Marketing Real Estate Mooers Realty

(7 days ago) The Marketing Maine Real Estate Puzzle…. Not done the same old way. Because your Maine property listing buyer is not just local any more. If fifty percent of folks live within fifty miles of where they grew up is true. Then a Maine real estate agent, broker needs to attract the attention of the other half of the buying audience.Those out in the wild blue yonder that want to buy in my small

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Houlton Mooers Realty

(3 days ago) Thank you for visiting our Maine real estate website and we will work hard to show you the ropes, the lay of the land. To give you the small town community online tour perspective the best way possible to educate and not waste your time. Please follow our blog post articles. Watch a few of our Houlton Maine local community videos.

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Homes For Sale In Houlton Maine Under 100000 Mooers Realty

(Just Now) WARNING: For anyone new to rural Maine low to the ground real estate prices, the knee jerk first instinct reaction to anything for sale under $100,000 might make you think “dump”. Because where you live now where everyone makes more and spends accordingly, anything in the beginning of six digit real estate property pricing is a wreck.

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12 Real Estate Myths Mooers Realty

(6 days ago) No real estate myth, property sales need a local expert. The local real estate agent that knows local banking that works best, is well versed in the traditions and lives of everyone in the small Maine town. He or she works, plays, is invested in their location.

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Personal Property In A Real Estate Sale What Stays, What

(6 days ago) That real estate buyer may figure the items should be included as more negotiations take place. But avoid making it a more, more demanded situation. Besides personal property, repairs to the place can start to be made part of a sale that never included them. The real estate …

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Maine Real Estate Blogs, Posts Mooers Realty

(5 days ago) The industry standard Active Rain Maine Real Estate Blog has close to 3000 posts about a zillion, slew of subjects. Subscribe to our Active Rain Mooers Realty Maine Real Estate Blog Post feed. All blogs some how tied, linked to Maine real estate related topics. Explored, hashed, revisited, updated and pounded out daily.

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Maine Real Estate, How's The Market

(Just Now) The real estate market in Maine does not spike up and down wildly like many urban markets do. In small rural real estate market Maine, keeping pace with inflation is often the watched constant. Doing the wrong improvements makes some of the fix up dollars a wash. Not reflected in the sales price when listed, exposed and sold on the open market.

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First Time Home Buyer, House Hunting In Maine

(Just Now) The local home loan mortgage lender will counsel you on what you need, how each and every bank program works. Partnering the mortgage banker with the real estate broker or agent is a beautiful thing. The buyer and property have to be in synch to make the matchmaking work. There are three hurdles to the first time home buying real estate exercise.

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Buying A Home In Maine

(4 days ago) The real estate buyer has more confidence in the home buying process knowing his financials chances are known. He, she, they have brought in the lender upfront as a home buying partner early on. The Maine bank mortgage lender has house buying advice that helps the home purchaser.

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How Much To Offer Seller On Maine Real Estate Property

(Just Now) Not all property prices on Maine real estate listings are negotiable. Especially if the buyer needs the owner to carry, take back a mortgage and enter into owner financing on a Maine land listing sale. Secondly, Maine is the 46th lowest state in the country for foreclosure, short sale, repossession tainted real estate sales. So when you are

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Maine Real Estate Listings Mooers Realty

(5 days ago) Maine Real Estate Property Listings For Sale. Listing data is derived in whole or in part from the Maine IDX & is for consumers' personal, non-commercial use only.

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Wiggle Room, What's The Mark Up For Real Estate Property

(Just Now) Real estate is made locally and they stopped producing it a few years back. Did you get that memo? The local economy, the number of properties just like the one you have the red dot of the real estate rifle on competing for a buyer. To pull the trigger and make the purchase. All combine for how negotiable the price tag is going to be.

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Maine Real Estate Market Report How Are Single Family

(4 days ago) The real estate numbers show 30,372 new listings for sale in Maine year to date in 2019. Over half of those, 17,451 listings sold this year as of today’s date. Here is the latest real estate market report for sale results from the Maine Association of REALTORS group. It shows in Maine, sales are up .16 percent from July 2018 compared to July

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House Hunting In Maine

(8 days ago) In conclusion, hope this house hunting in Maine real estate blog bost is helpful. Rather than trying to do the best job picking an area of Maine and a home for sale in it, turn to a Maine REALTOR. The local real estate profession with years of experience and involvement in the Maine community is your best tool house hunting in Maine.

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Real Estate Home Seller's Remorse The Causes, Tips To

(2 days ago) The real estate sale invasion of your home, the delay in moving along when you are not a patient person, the supply and demand of other homes competing with your’s Mr., Ms. and Mrs. Seller. When a property owner gets impatient with a sale that is not happening quick enough.

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How's The Market, The One In Maine For Real Estate Sales

(1 days ago) Like people, every real estate market and the types of properties, the supply and demand at the time vary. Are so so different. Asking a real estate professional in Maine what the pulse of the market is for property listings, sales is vital to making sound business decisions on pricing, purchasing.

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You Are The Seller Of Maine Real Estate, A Home. Mooers

(2 days ago) Listings are kings. Have the most and you dominate your real estate market. Often with Maine land showing, the owner has a four wheeler, will take one of the couple on back or on their own machine to tour the back forty. While the rest of the gang tour the barn, the machine shed or the house again.

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Maine Association Of REALTOR State Conventions, Trade

(4 days ago) Real estate marketing, it works best and only the way it should if you think customer. Too easy to caught up in the routine to notice if you the real estate professional have wandered off that path. And are misssing the target, the point of it all. The real estate buyer looking, needing Maine property listings.

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The Lists Of Must Haves, Don't Wants In Maine Real Estate

(1 days ago) Often the Maine real estate house or home buyer has watched videos. Sampled the listings late at night on the many real estate sites like this one that are stocked to the gills. With properties, local community information, anything they need to be known to help get a place financed. To explain the real estate house buying process.

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Real Estate Market Report For Maine Is COVID19 Impacting

(6 days ago) Real estate market report for Maine, how COVID19 is impacting listing sales. Blogging real estate market reports these days, the COVID19 effect on property listing and sales in Maine is what inquiring minds want to know. Like most events in a local real estate market, the factors helping or hurting don’t always impact to the same degree.

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Maine Real Estate Market Report COVID19 Shaking Things

(Just Now) Real estate is effected and no exception as the market results show the virus effect ripple. No matter what happens in your life, somehow real estate is involved. Underneath all is the land. Shelter, whether a mortgaged home or rented apartment space, the roof over your head is pretty dang important. Right up there with air, water, food, love

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Real Estate Videos The Numbers Don't Lie. Mooers Realty

(6 days ago) Videos for real estate are efficient, time saving, available round the clock. Don’t forget YouTube is the second largest search engine, the third most visited website on the Internet. And over 932 videos a month are exposed, viewed by online surfers.Your buyers and sellers want, look for videos. If you don’t shoot edit and upload them.

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Coronovirus, Real Estate Market, Maine Rebound Looking

(8 days ago) The real estate market where a person cares the most is the one operating around them. There is always a real estate market for an agent, broker, the buyer and seller to participate in on any given day. No matter if it was like the one in the early 1980’s when we worked around 16.5% adjustable mortgage rates. Or when the real estate buying

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Real Estate Market In Maine What's My Home Worth

(4 days ago) The current real estate market in Maine statistics for the past week show 451 listings went under contract to sell. Another 136 property owners re-listed what had previously run out to put their real estate back on the market. The proactive approach to selling a listing that hangs around the …

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Maine REALTOR State Convention At Sunday River In Newry ME

(4 days ago) The Maine REALTOR State Convention for real estate professionals wrapping up. Held this year, 2016, at Sunday River in Newry, near Bethel.. This ski resort in Maine high in the hills and not quickly accessed off an Inetrstate 95 corridor exit creates a different atmosphere for learning and networking about listing, marketing, selling property listings.

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Haunted Houses In Maine, Not Just A Halloween Attraction

(1 days ago) It was from a prior suicide the estate owner disclosed. Which was the reason all the other rugs in the 1972 mobile home were the older harvest gold variety. But a brand new one was put in to replace the bloodstained one in the bedroom. Sad, tragic but it does happen in real estate, in life.

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Come Backstage The List, Twist, Sell And Market Maine

(8 days ago) Because real estate listing, selling, trading deals with all types of people and many charged with high emotional levels, there is more to it. Than just show up and time to make the donuts. More than just going through the motions and settling back on your haunches in a relaxed state.

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Divorce, Real Estate Buying Selling A House In Maine

(7 days ago) Divorce, real estate and how to work out the buying, selling a house in Maine. When you are in a divorce, the song goes something like this, sang a little off key “breaking up is hard to do”.. Well, splitting up the couple and dividing up the real estate properties in Maine is usually a sad song.

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