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Ted Theodoropoulos. Ted Theodoropoulos learned early how lucrative real estate investing can be. ( more) Dave Goldoff. When the Internet bubble burst, Dave Goldoff left the industry and headed out

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FORTUNE: Real estate growth forecasts (by state)

(9 days ago) Real estate bear markets often come in the form of steady declines over many years, rather than sudden sharp drops. As inflation gradually gnaws away at …

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Homes: What $25 million buys around the world

(3 days ago) Images: Christie’s International Real Estate, Sotheby's International Realty, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Dogon Group, Feau Real Estate Paris, Brown Harris Stevens.

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He made $400,000 flipping a house

(Just Now) He, who'd been working in real estate for years, became an investor around that time. Between 2008-2014, He bought more than 100 homes. Some he …

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Where the super rich are buying homes

(3 days ago) London is the second most popular city for wealthy real estate buyers, and finance is also the top profession. Most foreign buyers in London come from India. Rounding out the top five are Hong

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Stocks vs. Real Estate 2

(7 days ago) Real estate partisans reply that these academic studies leave out the asset's strongest advantage: leverage, or the use of a mortgage to amplify the return on your cash.

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The bubbles that built America

(9 days ago) The bubbles that built America. These six bubbles - from the telegraph to the real-estate boom - show how Americans end up better off after a bubble, says the author of "Pop! Why bubbles are great

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Should real estate be part of my retirement plan

(8 days ago) "Real estate is great for adding diversity to your portfolio. It's tied to the market like anything, but it's not going to be correlated the way stocks and bonds are," said Angela Coleman, a …

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Real Estate: The JetBlue effect

(9 days ago) Leslie Gauff, a real estate broker with Carlson Real Estate in Stowe, Vermont, says that inexpensive air fares have had an impact on her business. "The Bostoners drive up …

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Home prices back to '03 levels

(7 days ago) Mike Larson, real estate analyst with Weiss Research, said part of the improvement in the housing market is due to investors using the low mortgage rates to …

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Builders hold lotteries for eager new homebuyers

(Just Now) S. Florida real estate making a comeback But lotteries aren't just taking place in California. In northern Virginia, Camberley Homes held a lottery to sell two model homes in a …

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Indian real estate: boom or bubble

(4 days ago) Real estate funds set up to invest only in India have already raised more than $2.7 billion. And new funds worth as much as $4 billion are being planned by J.P. Morgan, Britain's Knight Frank, and

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How to invest in real estate without buying a home

(5 days ago) Real estate equity. Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are a common way to diversify into real estate equity. REITs are publicly-traded …

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Who's to blame for Portland's soaring home prices

(7 days ago) Bidding wars have skyrocketed, with some homes selling for $150,000 above the list price, according to real estate agent Rachel Freed at Urban …

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A Real estate mogul risks it all

(1 days ago) Real estate executives familiar with his efforts say Macklowe, who put little of his own cash in the deal, asked for $2 billion from prospective investors in exchange for a …

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The new real estate boom. Really.

(8 days ago) The new real estate boom. Really. The housing market is still a mess but funds that invest in real estate stocks are on fire this year. Here's why the comeback may be for real.

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Will Landlord-in-Chief Trump be good for real estate

(4 days ago) Real estate stocks have fallen since Trump's win, mainly due to fears that rising interest rates will make high-yielding REITs less attractive than bonds. But experts think the market is wrong. A

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50 Smartest money moves: Real estate

(1 days ago) Smart real estate moves: Good ways to tap home equity; or raise the value of your home. Five smart real estate moves in all. June 7, 2005: 10:07 AM EDT

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Real estate industry members act as a cartel

(4 days ago) Real estate consumers can choose from nearly 80,000 real estate brokerages and more than 2 million real estate licensees, more than 1.3 million of …

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Real estate downturn hits real estate agents

(3 days ago) Real estate is a notoriously difficult industry for newcomers. The NAR reported in 2005 that those who have been in the business for two years or less had an average income of …

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Ask the Expert: Can real estate pay for stocks

(3 days ago) And in the case of real estate, the question of offsetting gains or losses against gains or losses in stocks or other securities depends on several factors, one …

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Real Estate: Extreme home selling

(3 days ago) Phipps says he heard of a Florida real-estate broker who was giving away jewelry. One builder, Georgia-based Forrest Homes, is giving away a two-year lease on …

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Fortune 500 2008: Industry: Real Estate

(1 days ago) Most stock quote data provided by BATS. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. All times are ET.

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Californians are driving up home prices in other states

(5 days ago) "We call it the echo effect," said J. Lennox Scott, CEO of John L. Scott, a real estate company with 126 offices in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. "People move to …

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Home prices post record 18% drop

(6 days ago) Plus, in many of the free-falling cities the majority of real estate sales consist of distressed properties such as foreclosed homes and short …

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The top housing markets for 2004

(8 days ago) Not everyone got rich on real estate in 2004. Homeowners in Atlanta, Chicago and Denver saw average gains of 3 percent, 2.7 percent and 1.7 percent respectively.

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Getting in on real estate

(6 days ago) "Real estate is really a sector of the stock market, and only a very small sector at that," said David Goerz, chief investment officer of mPower, an online investment advisory for individuals and

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No, the estate tax isn't killing family farms

(5 days ago) Republicans calling for the repeal of the federal estate tax claim it makes it hard for American farmers and ranchers to pass on the family business. …

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You can buy a house in Flint for $14,000

(2 days ago) And the fallout is starting to hurt its already-bruised real estate market.. The 2008 housing crash that sent the nation's economy into a tailspin hit Flint particularly hard. "They lost about 75%

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Zillow buys Trulia for $3.5 billion

(Just Now) The two real estate portals have transformed the housing market over the past decade by making information that was once only available through …

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Real estate: Buy, sell, or hold

(5 days ago) "My taxes went from around $2,800 a year to $5,600," says John Irons, a Fairfax resident who works as a commercial real estate broker at Long & …

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Detroit real estate: A bargain home or a money pit

(4 days ago) Real estate agents in America's 11th-largest city (it used to be No. 5) say they get calls from all over the world asking to see rock-bottom listings. Surreally, despite a hollowed-out job market

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MONEY Magazine: Real Estate: The state of the bubble

(Just Now) Rory Moore, semiretired and a self-described dabbler in real estate, bought his neighbor's house in Los Banos, Calif. last May for $499,000. Make a few fixes, he figured, and flip it a couple of

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Private equity and hedge funds buy up cheap real estate

(3 days ago) Mike Kboudi, a land broker at Denver real estate firm Fuller Co., says he has made land sales for Centex (Charts, Fortune 500) and Lennar (Charts, Fortune 500) for as …

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Real Estate: Last of the red-hot markets

(8 days ago) Real estate developers, seeing others profit, get in on the act by building thousands more homes. Eventually, speculators are merely selling to one another at ever more inflated prices.

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Real estate survival guide

(5 days ago) the new rules of real estate The incredible shrinking house Soaring fuel costs, environmental concerns and aging baby boomers mean the American dream home is a lot smaller than it used to be.

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Is this your last chance to get rich in real estate

(2 days ago) The way the Michigan real estate market is headed, it might not be so easy. According to Judy Brant, a broker in Fenton for more than 20 years with Coldwell Banker, the inventory of homes in

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MONEY Magazine: Real estate 2005: Renovation value

(1 days ago) We spoke with appraisers, architects, builders and real estate agents around the country and discovered the projects that give you the best return on the dollar: updating your kitchen, renovating

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Ask the Expert: Real estate: What could go wrong

(3 days ago) A talk with a couple of local real estate agents and a look at such stats as the average number of days a house is listed before selling and how close the house sells to the listed price should

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Real estate agents on the cheap

(9 days ago) (Money Magazine) -- When Cindy Brockwell, 58, and Bill Dailey, 62, sold their townhouse in Reston, Va. in early April, the only real estate agent …

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Aston Martin is getting into luxury real estate

(5 days ago) The companies broke ground on the new Aston Martin Residences on Wednesday, and expect the building will be finished in 2021. A move into luxury real estate may seem unusual for an automaker that

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Regional banks face a big commercial real estate problem

(Just Now) "The problems facing commercial real estate are severe and will likely take many years to resolve," Deutsche Bank analyst Richard Parkus told the Joint Economic Committee of …

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Real estate referral sites are growing in popularity

(4 days ago) Real estate referral sites promise to match buyers and sellers with the right real estate agents. September 27, 2004: 5:32 PM EDT. By Sarah Max, CNN/Money senior writer. SALEM, Ore. (CNN…

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MONEY Magazine: Real Estate: Buy, sell, hold

(Just Now) Real estate agents in formerly redhot markets like San Diego and Boston say that open houses are getting little traffic. "At the height of the frenzy, properties sold after one to three days on

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Solar's hot real estate market

(3 days ago) The Southwest desert's real estate boom From California to Arizona, demand for sites for solar power projects has ignited a land grab. By Todd Woody, senior editor.

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Real Estate: Profiting from staging

(9 days ago) From a non-existent profession a generation or so ago, home stagers have become a force to be reckoned with in the real estate industry. Stagers claim they turn sow's ears into silk purses every

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