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Real Estate Crash of the Century

The real estate market is under going the crash of the century and there’s no bottom of the market developing in the hardest hit areas of the U.S. The housing market alone has suffered more than 7-million residential foreclosures since the crisis started, and like a bottomless pit home prices are declining in the majority of the nation.

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Huge Drop in Realtor Membership

(9 days ago) Real estate agents, mortgage originators, new home builders and other real estate industry related professionals are filing for bankruptcy at more than five times the national average, according to a separate sampling of filings. A nationwide glut of distressed properties has pressured real estate sales commissions. Frustrations shared by some

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National Real Estate Recession Hits

(1 days ago) National Real Estate Recession Hits. Troubled by the mortgage melt down and falling home prices, the U.S. housing market has fallen into a national real estate recession, according to the latest analysis by Housing Predictor. The over-whelming majority of local real estate markets are either in housing recessions or battling to keep their

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Best Buyers Market Forecast

(8 days ago) Despite the gloomy national economic outlook, the best buyers’ real estate market in at least four years will develop by late summer in most housing markets, according to the new Housing Predictor forecast. Lower interest rates will draw buyers to make purchases of homes more than in years.

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2021 Arizona Housing Market Predictions

(1 days ago) The national real estate website for Phoenix, Arizona did predict 2017’s successes, so this is an example of a projection paying off. Ruff, a Valley housing market expert, expressed his concern that there’s not enough affordable housing which could potentially predict a seller’s market.

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Nebraska Housing Market Home Values, Mortgage Rates, Real

(2 days ago) When considering which real estate markets are the best, it is wise to look at home sales among other aspects as this number often reveals a thriving real estate market. Below is a list of the top 25 real estate markets in America today from the least to the greatest: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: According to trulia.com, the median sales price for

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Tips On Buying A House Without A Realtor

(6 days ago) There are tons of real estate agencies and agents out there, making it seem like the use of this resource is the only way to buy a house. This may ring even truer when you learn that, in any given year, only about 10 to 20 percent of home sales are completed without a realtor.

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Real Estate Market Will Recover

(3 days ago) The real estate market that we are experiencing today will recover. The wait and see approach that we are under going is an issue that goes away when the excess inventory of distressed, foreclosed and vacant properties are no longer available. We experienced this …

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Homesteading Could Save Your Home

(3 days ago) Homesteading Could Save Your Home. It’s one of the most misunderstood aspects of real estate. Homestead protections are available in 27 states, and in many cases it can protect your home from being taken away by creditors. However, a Homestead Declaration must be filed in order for the Homestead to be in effect in the majority of states.

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2014 Idaho Housing Market

(9 days ago) As most real estate market experts would agree, the real estate market in Idaho is returning to a more balanced pace following nearly ten years of dramatic swings. In this report, we will examine all of the facets of the 2014 Idaho Housing Market. Home prices remain low in the state of Idaho. The median single housing unit price stood at

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2015 Georgia Housing Market Predictions

(1 days ago) Savannah real estate is definitely on the rise. The city is the fourth largest community in the state, and in the last 2 years it has seen an increase of 18% in home appreciation and 8% in the past year. Savannah is at once two different things. It is a historic port city and also a college centric town.

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2014 Montana Housing Market

(1 days ago) The treasure state presents investors with treasure in real estate. Check out why you should invest in the 2014 Montana Housing Market with our new report. Housing Market Home Values, Mortgage Rates, Real Estate News. Independent housing market forecasts on home values in 230 U.S. cities, mortgage rates and the best real estate news.

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2016 Louisiana Real Estate Market

(3 days ago) The Louisiana real estate market enjoys some of the most distinct qualities of any state in our nation. It is the only state with political subdivisions called Parishes (local governments that are equivalent to counties). Since many of the state’s lands were formed by Mississippi River sediment washout, Louisiana contains large areas of

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Housing Market Predictions for West Virginia Real Estate

(4 days ago) The Charleston West Virginia real estate market serves as another example of growing opportunities. Since 2005, Charleston West Virginia real estate officials have worked on the redevelopment of the city’s riverfront with the goal of making the city an attractive place to …

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Best Housing Markets Forecast

(4 days ago) Higher demand from cash paying foreign purchasers are driving home and condominium prices higher in Miami, where the real estate market is on the mend from the worst crash it has ever experienced.. Not all Florida home prices are climbing yet, but in Miami Beach and other well off areas of surrounding Dade County the housing market is on the upswing, and it has landed on the Best 25 Housing

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American Dream of Home Ownership Turning Sour

(4 days ago) With residential real estate showing record declines, is the long established American dream of owning a large single-family home a dying concept? Experts from coast to coast say there are signs the dream is at least threatened. The American dream of home ownership has turned sour for many. The evidence is everywhere in the decline of single

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Housing Market Home Values, Mortgage Rates, Real Estate News

(3 days ago) By Mike Colpitts Home prices tumbled an average of 4.3% on a year-over-year basis through last November, according to real estate analytics firm CoreLogic. The company’s Home Price Index, released Monday, confirmed what other real estate research companies …

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New Jersey Housing And Real Estate Marketing Predictions

(9 days ago) The amount of diversity in local real estate markets has a significant impact on the overall housing costs. With that in mind, the housing market is expected to slow down and eventually balance out due to affordability as well as location.

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How to Buy a Home in the New Economy

(4 days ago) Even Billionaire businessman Donald Trump, who amassed a fortune in real estate, has been hit by the banking crisis and consequently he has been unable to refinance his highly touted Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City. “As far as financing is concerned,” Trump told Larry King on CNN, “The only financing you should be thinking about

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State Launches $75 Million Home Demolition Program

(9 days ago) Ohio has lead the nation demolishing homes that have been left abandoned in hard hit neighborhoods in the U.S. real estate collapse. The state’s attorney general is now taking the program to an aggressive new level to demolish up to an estimated 100,000 vacant homes.

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2016 Montana Real Estate and Housing Market Forecast

(8 days ago) Missoula real estate thus far in 2016 has been relatively positive. On real estate website Zillow Missoula has a median price of $231,800 for all homes with the average home spending 118 days on the market. Prices have increased 3% in the past year but real estate experts see home values holding steady in …

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2015 Arkansas Real Estate and Housing Market Predictions

(9 days ago) Fayetteville AR real estate went the opposite direction of neighboring Bentonville. Fayetteville posted a 2% drop in sales while the total volume of sales remained relatively flat. Despite these numbers local agent Tami Fagan of Crye-Leike claims that last year was a good year. “I don’t see anything really holding back sales in 2015.”

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Buying a Home Again After Foreclosure

(5 days ago) By Scott J. Clifford Real Estate Attorney. Losing a house to foreclosure can create a feeling of home buying despondency, rooted in a belief that banks will easily say no to someone who has failed to successfully pay their mortgage payments. Yet if this were truly the case, the housing market would be even worse off, given the number of people who are in this situation.

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2015 Illinois Housing Market Predictions

(2 days ago) Rockford Real Estate serves as the most affordable housing market in the state of Illinois. With a median home value of just $74,300, now is the time to purchase real estate in this area. The city of Rockford is expected to have a 4.7% increase in the immediate year. On the other hand, if you are a homeowner, you might want to consider waiting

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Housing Market Predictions for 2015 West Virginia Real Estate

(6 days ago) According to CoreLogic, a real estate information firm, West Virginia ranked first with an 8.6 percent increase in home prices. The state was followed by Wyoming at 3.6 percent, and North Dakota at 3.5 percent. The news, said West Virginia broker John Kilroy, "adds further credence to the notion that the housing recovery for Berkeley and

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2019 Massachusetts Housing Market And Real Estate Predictions

(7 days ago) Boston Real Estate Home Appreciation in 2019. Boston real estate appreciated 64.86 percent over the past ten years. This figure is an average annual home appreciation rate of 5.13 percent. It puts Boston nationally in the top 10 percent in terms of home appreciation.

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Methodology of Housing Predictor

(9 days ago) Researchers gather about 20 factors on each and every market forecast, including income levels, employment rates and trends, commercial and residential construction, school enrollment levels, business openings and closings, new business development, regional political influences, real estate sales history and current housing market velocity.

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2014 Texas Housing Market

(9 days ago) The Texas housing market historically stood as one of the nation’s most important real estate markets. Nationwide analyses and forecasts for the 2014 Texas housing market haven’t shown anything different. Major media outlets such as Forbes and CNN named the 2014 Texas housing market as one of the top areas to invest in this year.

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Group Launches $100 Million Home Rehab

(4 days ago) The effort will employ thousands of construction workers and real estate agents to help communities re-populate neighborhoods, which may help to stabilize home prices and increase safety in many areas to attract investors. Hard hit neighborhoods will benefit from strategic partnerships, allowing the group to work across state lines.

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2019 Michigan Real Estate Market Predictions

(2 days ago) 2019 Michigan Real Estate Market Predictions Michigan's housing market experienced some highs and lows in 2017. It was a year of highs for sellers, with more …

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2015 Mississippi Real Estate and Housing Market Predictions

(2 days ago) The Vicksburg, Oxford, and Natchez Mississippi real estate markets are teeming with retirees and transplants due to the low cost of living. The average age for residents in the Vicksburg MS real estate market is 39 years old, but the 50-59 year age group is the most dominant age demographic. Average home prices in the city are $152,388 and the

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Home Market Recovery in 7 States

(5 days ago) Neither experienced much subprime or Alt-A mortgage lending during the real estate boom, the two mortgages that compose the highest number of foreclosures nationally. California, Virginia and Colorado are also in recoveries. The Golden State has seen home sales decline since the tax credit expired, and price appreciation ease but a special

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Mortgage Lender Agent Licensing Mandatory

(3 days ago) By Mike Colpitts. As a result of the unethical and illegal lending practices that helped produce the mortgage meltdown and real estate collapse, Congress enacted the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act) in 2008 as part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform. The federal law mandating mortgage agent licensing goes into effect in just one week.

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2016 Colorado Housing Market and Real Estate Predictions

(2 days ago) On virtually every real estate website such as Zillow and Trulia Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs real estate ranks high among the hottest housing markets in the country. After the first quarter of 2016, Denver real estate (always a top market in sales and price appreciation) ranked 3rd, Colorado Springs 11th, and Boulder 18th.

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2015 Maryland Housing Market Predictions

(2 days ago) Real estate is often fraught with twists and turns. Several positive numbers show the potential for moderate growth that could settle the upheaval from years past. However, that information may be more pertinent to millennials or wealthy buyers searching for their first home rather than the residents of the more blue collar areas of northern

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Housing Recession or Worst U.S. Economic Disaster Likely

(3 days ago) The real estate crisis is beginning to move into markets where they have been untouched thus far. Second home, vacation markets and extremely high end properties well over $1-million are sectors of the housing market that remain less distressed than many others. California, Florida, Michigan and Nevada are the most troubled states with record

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Cold Chills Strike from New Deal Era

(1 days ago) Trading of securities by bankers much like the current financial crisis were blamed for triggering the real estate collapse and the 1929 stock market crash that caused the Great Depression. Millions of homeowners lost homes to foreclosure, but estimates of just how many weren’t kept during the time.

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Former Police Officers in Group of 26 Pleading Guilty in

(6 days ago) The group then enlisted real estate agents to identify condo units within the communities to purchase, soliciting buyers as straw purchasers to use their names and credit to make the purchases. Some of those involved provided down payments and money for monthly mortgage payments, including condo association dues.

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2016 Missouri Real Estate Market Predictions

(9 days ago) Influencing Factors for the 2016 Missouri Real Estate Market. The median home value of a house in the Missouri real estate market, according to the Zillow Home Value index is $135,200. This is a 4.9 percent increase over 2015, and the increase is predicted to continue at approximately 3.2 percent through 2017.

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Home Resale Fees 'Tax' May Die

(7 days ago) A coalition of real estate companies launched an effort to stop the resale fees from being applied to new housing developments through a New York based financial firm, Freehold Capitol Partners. The fees are added to the cost of a home for 99 years, and the 1% fee is charged every time a property is sold.

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Las Vegas Realtors Warn of Short Sale Fraudsters

(Just Now) In Las Vegas, where foreclosures are running at some of the highest levels in the U.S. many real estate agents are calling themselves short sale experts in an effort to gain business in a bitter battle to survive, but many have little or no experience at selling homes for less than what is owed on their mortgages, according to a team of Realtors who are warning consumers to beware of the

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Economic Depression Not Forecast for U.S.

(6 days ago) Construction, real estate sales and financials, including mortgage losses have been the most seriously impacted by the financial crisis. But many other sectors of …

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Baby Boomers Celebrate 65 by Moving Homes

(5 days ago) Among the changes boomers consider important are down sizing their homes free of raising children, increasing their likelihood to travel and explore destinations that many have only dreamed of and a need to live more frugally due to the real estate collapse and losses in their stock market 401-k …

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2016 Nevada Real Estate and Housing Market Predictions

(7 days ago) Influencing Factors for the 2016 Nevada Real Estate Market. Median home values for the Nevada real estate market are around $214,300. The national median home value is $184,600. RealtyTrac reports that homes in Nevada that are at some stage of foreclosure increased 6.6% from 2014 to 2015.

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Happy Housing Times in College Towns

(5 days ago) Real estate agent Keith Jones says it’s more than the university that attracts new residents to Auburn. “People are coming to Auburn because of the public school system that is highly rated,” said Jones, who is associated with Weichert Stacey-Porter Realtors in Auburn.

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2015 California Housing Market Predictions

(4 days ago) Sacramento CA real estate has median home values at around $252,000, an increase of $22,000 since November of 2014. For a city of its size Sacramento is an affordable piece of real estate as well as an affordable rental option. Sacramento’s average rental price is around $1,397, nearly $1,000 less than the state average.

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Short Sale vs Foreclosure: A Distinct Difference You

(9 days ago) The homeowner’s real estate agent will submit the completed purchase agreement and an approval letter from the buyer’s financial lender confirming the buyer’s ability to fund the purchase to the current lien holders for approval.

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Negotiating a Short Sale with Success

(3 days ago) Negotiating a successful short sale with a bank on a home or other real estate may be a grueling task that could take months to achieve. But as foreclosures increase bankers seem more willing to negotiate to make a deal work – in some cases.

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Stung by Losses Banks Call Loans

(Just Now) Core Logic, a real estate analytics firm that provides information to banks and other financial institutions says there are 10.8 million residential properties that are underwater as of last December. The figure, however, represents 500,000 less borrowers than earlier in …

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