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Real estate fund administration 2.0. The findings, explored in this report, reveal critical insights on what investment managers believe works in outsourced real estate administration services and where fund administrators need to continue to focus on continued investment and improvement.

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Strategic importance of Corporate Real Estate

(6 days ago) The real estate industry is undergoing significant transformation and a new digital era is emerging. Discover the key drivers that are playing a part in shaping the new face of the real estate sector. It is sustainable. It is people-centric. And it is agile. Business transformation is no longer a choice in this new reality.

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Real estate in the new reality

(1 days ago) Real estate continues to prove itself a strong defensive move; margins may be down and risk may be up, but returns still often outstrip those offered by government bonds or treasury bills. Explore the trends The digitization of work . The impacts of COVID-19 will change the demand for office space as employees and employers embrace virtual

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Real Estate + Real Innovation

(8 days ago) Real estate companies can benefit from innovative technologies that make them more efficient and effective. Numerous established software manufacturers and new start-ups, so-called PropTechs (property technology) or ConTechs (construction technology), market numerous IT solutions for the smart enterprise. This raises a fundamental issue for

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Real Estate Innovations

(4 days ago) In the first quarter of 2021, global Real Estate transaction volumes totaled ~ 183.8 billion USD. Despite a mid-year dip, global rent levels increased through year-end 2020 and ended with a full year increase of 2.9%. 54% of the Real Estate industry believes Covid-19 is forcing sustainability considerations up the agenda.

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Making better predictions in Real Estate valuations

(2 days ago) Real Estate portfolios are facing increasing volatility. Managers and investors will need to become much more sophisticated in the way they predict the future. The pandemic has put many of the traditional real estate market fundamentals under pressure. And nobody really knows what the …

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Poland: Deadline for submitting information on real estate

(6 days ago) Pursuant to the decree, the deadline for submitting information by real estate companies, individual income taxpayers and corporate income taxpayers, on holding rights in real estate companies with tax or financial year ending in the period from 31 December 2021 to 31 May 2022, has been extended to 30 September 2022.

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Poland: Proposed changes, real estate market

(7 days ago) Poland: Proposed changes to tax treatment of real estate market. October 6, 2021. Update: Amendments to the tax law—referred to as the “Polish Deal” ( Polski Ład) and passed in late October 2021 and submitted for the president’s signature—include measures that may negatively affect the real estate sector. Read a November 2021 report

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Belgium: Real estate taxation

(3 days ago) Belgium: Real estate taxation and property located in other countries 16 August 2021 With the 2021 revision, foreign real estate will be taxed on the basis of "cadastral income”—that is, the foreign real estate will be allocated cadastral income and for the income year 2021 (tax year 2022), the tax base of the income from the foreign real

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Real estate leases

(2 days ago) its real estate leases, impacting many key ratios. 1.1 Key impacts – Financial ratios. Under the new standard, a tenant brings its real estate leases on-balance sheet, including those previously classified as operating leases under IAS 17 . Leases. The only exception will be real estate leases that qualify for the short-term recognition

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Luxembourg: Real estate-related tax obligations

(8 days ago) While the real estate tax levy only applies to revenue derived from Luxembourg-based real estate, the guidance provides a reminder that all “non-transparent” Luxembourg investment fund vehicles having a legal personality distinct from their shareholders and that are not incorporated under the legal form of a Luxembourg limited partnership

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Luxembourg Tax Alert 2022-02

(3 days ago) New Circular on Real Estate Levy. On 20th January 2022, the Luxembourg tax authorities issued an administrative circular “PRE_IMM n° 1” (PDF, 0.3MB) (the Circular”) on the Real Estate Levy (“REL”) for selected investment Fund vehicles holding Luxembourg real estate, clarifying the related filing obligations. While the REL only applies to revenues derived from Luxembourg …

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Webinar: Real Estate in the New Reality

(9 days ago) COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the real estate industry. What are developers, operators and investors facing currently, and what should be done now as the industry move towards the new reality?. As the future of real estate may look different by regions and sectors, we gathered KPMG real estate practice leaders from various regions to provide an overview of global and …

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Real Estate: Are you providing a complete picture of

(8 days ago) Real Estate sector . 1. Don’t let asset revaluations obscure the value added through site development . Many real estate businesses are adept at generating a stream of value gains as they move assets through their development pipeline. This value stream can be an important part of overall value but the gains being generated can be obscured by

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Realizing value in real estate

(1 days ago) The real estate industry is packed with potential in today’s rapidly changing world, from responsible investing to emerging market growth, and innovative technology solutions to evolving demographics and customer demands. With our unrivalled global connections, we are here to help you navigate the

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IFRS15 Real Estate

(4 days ago) The UAE’s real estate sector March 2016 In May 2014, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) published a new standard, IFRS 15 Revenue from contracts with customers (IFRS15), which significantly impacts real estate companies. Under IFRS 15, real estate entities can now recognize revenue over the construction period if

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Real Estate & Asset Management

(4 days ago) Real Estate & Asset Management. Providing real estate tax services across the asset and investment lifecycles. The key objective of the fund managers is to maximise the returns for their investors. Amongst other commercial, legal and operational considerations, ensuring a tax efficient fund structure is one of the important aspects that the

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Oman: VAT guide for real estate sector

(2 days ago) Real estate located in special zones: The place of supply with regard to real estate (including the sale and lease of real estate) is the location where the real estate is located. Therefore, when a supply is of real estate located in a …

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Yesenia Scheker-Izquierdo

(Just Now) Yesenia Scheker-Izquierdo is the Global Tax Leader for KPMG’s Building, Construction & Real Estate practice, and Partner in Charge of KPMG’s New York Real Estate Tax practice. Yessi has over 20 years of experience providing tax and advisory services to the asset management and private equity industry, including global real estate fund

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KPMG Real Estate Services

(5 days ago) Real estate sales: The Real Estate team is actively involved in bringing together Real Estate Developers with Real Estate Investors. The scope involves developing an Information Pack, which includes background, market, technical, and financial information about the company.

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Saudi Arabia: Details of real estate transaction tax

(3 days ago) The real estate transaction tax is levied on all individuals and organizations involved in real estate disposals including natural and legal persons, corporations, companies and government agencies. There is no registration threshold for the real estate transaction tax, so that all transactions are taxable except those specifically exempted.

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