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Buying property in Ireland Expat Arrivals

The basic steps to buying property in Ireland are similar to those in many other European countries. Expats can start the search by browsing the listings of real estate agents, newspapers and online sources. Finding a good solicitor can be particularly helpful during this stage of the process. The next step is to choose a property and arrange

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Buying Property in Cyprus

(6 days ago) The most common complaints in Cyprus real estate arguably relate to title deeds and mortgages. A reliable solicitor who is proficient in English and is, crucially, independent of all the other parties involved in the transaction, is probably the most important consideration for …

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Understanding the concept of Oqood

(4 days ago) Dubai’s real estate has grown significantly, especially in comparison to how it was 10 years ago. One major difference that stands out is the formation of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) by Dubai Land’s Department. RERA – after being formed at the peak time of Dubai’s real estate in July 2007 – brought in various rules and

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Expat accommodation in Phoenix Expat Arrivals

(2 days ago) The real-estate market in Phoenix has thrived in recent years. With property prices constantly increasing, investors have seen huge potential in housing here. In relation to the city’s growing population, there has been a slight shortage in terms of …

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Expat accommodation in Rome

(6 days ago) Finding accommodation in Rome is subject to a notoriously competitive real-estate market. Housing in the city centre is expensive and property located even a small distance outside the city comes at the cost of long commute times that hardly make the lower rental prices seem like a worthwhile compromise.

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Interview with Bry

(Just Now) Interview with Bry - a real estate expert in Singapore. Updated 24 Jun 2010. Bryan Norman is the liaison for an accredited estate agent and has been living and working in Singapore since 2005. His passion is getting newly arrived expats into quality accommodation with the minimum of …

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Accommodation in Greece

(4 days ago) While everybody’s real-estate priorities are different, choosing a respectable area within one’s budget is a good start. Especially when buying, expats should consider the general condition and age of the property they are considering, particularly as this affects property tax.

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Expat Accommodation in Barcelona Expat

(6 days ago) The contracts are often in Spanish or Catalan, and this is therefore another one of the cases where hiring a real-estate agent would come in handy. Costs and fees. On top of the first month's rent and the security deposit, if hiring a real-estate agent, tenants will also have to …

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Expat Experiences in the USA

(4 days ago) As a real estate consultant in Houston, her aim is to help others avoid the potential property pitfalls that can be encountered by expats. Read on to find out more about her expat experience of life in Houston. Josh is a 30-year-old Australian who moved to New York City in January 2017. While everything in his life was going amazingly in

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Pros and cons of moving to Cape Town

(Just Now) Real estate prices are notoriously high in certain parts of the city and expats who want to live right on the doorstep of one of Cape Town's two major assets – the mountain and the sea – will have to pay handsomely foe the privilege. Lifestyle in Cape Town

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Interview with Alex

(7 days ago) Alex de Goederen is from the Netherlands originally and now lives in Delhi, India, where he has set up his own real estate consultancy. Alex has a Masters degree in Financial Economics at the University of Amsterdam, and has spent a lot of time evaluating and financing real estate projects in the Netherlands. Due a long-standing love affair with India, he moved here with his wife, in …

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Accommodation in Hong Kong

(6 days ago) In fact, real estate prices in Hong Kong are regularly ranked among the highest in the world, so expats will need to budget carefully when it comes to finding their ideal home in the city. Although there are a variety of quality options, space is a limited commodity in Hong Kong, and apartments in the city tend to be small.

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Expat accommodation in Dubai

(8 days ago) Renting accommodation in Dubai. New arrivals in Dubai generally opt to rent rather than buy, as it can be extremely expensive to purchase property.Those expats who go about the relocation process on their own without the assistance of a real estate agent often elect to rent a short-term serviced apartment while checking out an area and deciding on long-term accommodation.

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Renting vs. buying a home in Canada

(2 days ago) Real estate agents charge a fee that is roughly proportional to the value of the home that you are purchasing. The fee is due upon a successful closing of a home sale. You can think of the fee as a transaction cost or part of the home’s price. If you’re looking to rent, you may not even need a middleman. There are plenty of websites listing

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Accommodation for expats in Ghana

(2 days ago) Finding accommodation in Ghana. There are several ways to find rental properties in Ghana. Those searching for homes on their own should consider using the services of a real estate agent – these professionals will have a better understanding of the property market in Ghana and can help foreigners find properties that may not be listed publicly.

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Expat accommodation in Taipei Expat

(7 days ago) Regardless of wealth, most real estate in the city is found in the form of secure apartment blocks that have stair access to upper floors. Elevators are scarce except in the most luxurious complexes. The Taiwanese measure floor space in a unit of measurement called ping, where one ping is equivalent to 3.3 square metres. Expats will find that

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Accommodation in Azerbaijan Expat Arrivals

(2 days ago) A real-estate agency will likely secure an expat the best value for money while also helping the landlord and tenant overcome any language barriers. It’s a good idea to visit a potential rental property with an estate agent or trusted associate as most landlords are unlikely to speak or understand English.

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Buying Property in Dubai Expat Arrivals

(4 days ago) In the past, foreign nationals were reluctant to purchase property in the Middle East. Deterred by a history of violence and instability in the Arab World, and discouraged by national laws in many countries that limit foreign ownership, expats looked elsewhere for …

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Expat accommodation in Denver Expat

(Just Now) The internet is usually a good starting point in one’s accommodation search, though many of the properties advertised online get snapped up very quickly. Hiring a real estate agent can be useful in getting a jump on the competition and is particularly useful if expats aren't sure of what areas will best suit their needs.

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