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Podcast – Everything Real Estate Investing

January 5, 2022. 255 – Real Estate Investing In Another Country! With Nathan Amaral. Nathan has been in the real estate industry for 15 years. He started investing in other countries five to six years ago and has been sharing his experience with others who want to do the same ever since. December 22, 2021.

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10 Ways To Make Money With Real Estate – Everything Real

(7 days ago) What is Considered a Decedent’s Estate? - Probate in SoCal

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Why You SHOULDN’T Invest In Real Estate – Everything Real

(5 days ago) Real estate investing is a team sport. Your life gets easier if you have a solid team, but your life will be absolutely miserable if your team sucks. Case in point, if your lender is good, you’ll be able to get the best rates and they’ll work hard to make sure your file will close on time. If you have a bad lender, then your file will sit

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10 Worst Mistakes in Real Estate – Everything Real Estate

(9 days ago) Mistakes in real estate are very costly. I know because I lost almost $1M because of them. Back in 2017, I was on top of the world. I made a ton of money on real estate and thought that it would keep going that way. But in 2018, I made terrible mistakes that led to me taking a huge loss. I had to spend 2019 doing damage control.

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The Top Real Estate Deal Killers – Everything Real Estate

(9 days ago) Buying and selling real estate is a very touchy process. There are often high emotions. The people involved are often on edge because typically this is the largest purchase or sale of their entire lives. And just because they got their offer accepted, it doesn’t mean that they’re guaranteed to closing the deal.

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Blog – Everything Real Estate Investing

(1 days ago) Real estate investing beginners may have heard of the BRRRR strategy and wondered what it is all about. Well, it is one of the best ways to quickly build up your real estate empire and get back the amount you put in tax-free. Read More » …

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206 – How Bay Area Real Estate Has Changed Over 18 Years

(8 days ago) The real estate world is fun but there’s a ton of things Dale believes he could be doing. Dale plans to keep growing his real estate selling business and maybe someday have his own syndication as it feels like the next natural step. Last Tips. It’s great to educate yourself about real estate investing. But take action.

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Coronavirus & Bay Area Real Estate – Everything Real

(9 days ago) In early 2020, the Bay Area real estate market was extremely hot. As of last week, the Coronavirus hasn’t really stopped the buying frenzy. Dozens of groups were still going to open houses (wearing masks and gloves for protection) and still putting in offers above listing for the properties. Appraisers are having a hard time justifying the

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174 – How To Start Your Real Estate Investing Empire with

(2 days ago) Dwan is America’s most sought after real estate investor. She has been buying and selling properties such as foreclosures, commercial properties, and rehab rentals for 30 years. Today’s episode gives us a peak in how real estate investing was done in the 1990s and some insights into how people can get started in the industry. Key points

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4 Things You Need To Do To Start Investing in Real Estate

(4 days ago) The real estate investing community is the most generous and giving community that I know. Go to the meetups and meet some of the big players in your area and take them out for lunch to hear their story. By meeting and talking to the different investors, you'll find out what type of investing jives with you.

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254 – From Military to Real Estate Millionaire with Dave

(6 days ago) While researching about real estate, he came across Brandon Turner's books and podcasts, which inspired him to try house hacking. Later on, he bought a duplex and stayed in one-half of the property while renting out the other half through the FHA loan. He reduced his living expenditures with this method and lived nearly for free.

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165 – How To Sell $50 Million Luxury Real Estate In New

(7 days ago) Synopsis. Shaun is the owner and founder of CORE Real Estate, a luxury real estate marketing and sales company based in New York. In today’s episode, Shaun tells us how he got into luxury real estate, what it takes to be successful, and how his company differentiates themselves.

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Long Term Rental Loans For Real Estate Investors

(5 days ago) Long term rental loans are business purpose loans used to facilitate the purchase of income-producing single-family and multifamily real estate investments. These loans are underwritten based on the value of the property itself rather than your personal financial strength.

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The Biden Tax Plan – 8 Changes for Real Estate Investors

(1 days ago) Reduce the estate tax exemption from $11.7M to $5M. The estate tax exemption is also known as an inheritance tax. If you pass away and your assets are valued under the estate tax exemption, then you didn’t have to pay taxes on them. Over the past few years, Trump increased the limit to 11.18 million per person or 22.36 million for married

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Robert Leonard – Millennial Real Estate Investing Ep. 236

(1 days ago) Real estate investor Robert Leonard is the host of the Millennial Investing Podcast. An expert when it comes to finance, Robert tells us about his own journey getting into house hacks and rentals. We also go over the metrics he uses to determine his target market and the insights he’s gained from his work.

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118 – How To Create Solid Teams For Your Real Estate

(6 days ago) Justin is a real estate agent in New Jersey and runs a real estate agency and team. In this episode, Justin will tell us how to build a high performing team, even during an economic downturn. Key points. From Employee To Handling A Real Estate Team. Justin started the show describing what he does in the real estate industry.

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Ryan Stenberg – $19 Million in Real Estate By Age 24 Ep

(3 days ago) But real estate gave him the ability to leverage money, time, and the opportunity to grow. Removing The Roadblocks To His Success. It took a year before Ryan could get the clarity he needed to push forward. He had to do the work to first, identify the constraints stopping him, and second, to remove those constraints.

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212 – Investing In Rural Real Estate Using Other People’s

(7 days ago) Synopsis. Coming out of a $20,000 loss is a hard experience to learn for Michael Tucker. But this South Central Kentucky-based real estate investor made the choice to commit and conquer real estate investing.

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19 Beginner Real Estate Investing Terms That You Need To

(4 days ago) There you have it, the 19 real estate investing terms that would help you understand the lingo used in the industry and make you a better real estate investor. If you want other investors to take you seriously, then it would be best to understand and use these common terms and abbreviations because knowing these is what separates the noobs from

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108 – What You Need To Know About Real Estate Law with

(9 days ago) As a real estate and corporate transactional attorney, his practice in real estate law touches different real estate asset classes whether single-family, multifamily, or industrial. His corporate transactional practice deals with a number of different joint venture financing, mergers, and acquisitions. On the side, Jeff is also a real investor

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160 – From Techie To Real Estate Professional In Seattle

(8 days ago) Adrian is a full-stack real estate entrepreneur. His background is in the tech industry. Based in Seattle, he does brokerages, mortgages, investments, and developments. He’s acquainted with some members of the Bay Area real estate community and travels to the Bay Area a bit. He’s even lived here from 2011-12.

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204 – My 2021 Goals – Everything Real Estate Investing

(Just Now) Real estate investing. I plan on putting a hold on flipping homes in the Bay Area for a moment. However, I'm always open to looking at opportunities to help analyze. I'm currently building up my list of wholesalers and cash buyers. So if you’re a wholesaler or cash buyer, hit me up! Sharon and I might go out of state to buy another property.

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113 – From $7 To $326 Million In Real Estate Assets with

(3 days ago) Vinney In Real Estate. Vinney started single-family real estate in California. He got his broker license last 2004. He states that single-family rental was not giving the kind of cash flow that he expected so he shifted to residential commercial. For single-family, it's having like 30 different transactions of 30 different loans.

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Podcast – Page 2 – Everything Real Estate Investing

(6 days ago) With Gary Boomershine. Gary is back from Episode 138, where he talked about finding more deals in changing market cycles. In today’s episode, he’ll discuss some innovative seller financing strategies and ideas for finding amazing deals in today’s real estate market. December 1, 2021.

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255 – Real Estate Investing In Another Country! With

(Just Now) He approached real estate agents and brokers, brokerage houses, insurance agents, and developers, asking them about the types of properties they wanted to buy, and he worked his way up from there. Having a Coach. Nathan's coach was a big help in closing his first two deals. They collaborated on the contracts and offers, which mainly included

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200 – Commercial Real Estate and Macroeconomic Trends with

(1 days ago) They invest in commercial real estate assets such as multi-family homes, senior living homes, self-storage units, mobile homes, and industrial assets. Today, Mo gives us a look at investing in commercial real estate and at the same time being mindful of macroeconomic trends.

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The Absolute Best Ways to Find Deals – Everything Real

(3 days ago) Working with real estate agents is another great way to get consistent deal flow. The agents are already spending a lot of money and energy acquiring leads to sell homes. Sometimes, the homes are in such poor shape that they can't just put it on the market. That's where you come in.

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151 – Real Estate Taxes with Vidal Espinosa – Everything

(8 days ago) Synopsis. Vidal is a principal partner at Invictus Advisors, a full-service company that provides CFO, CPA, and & bookkeeping services. In this episode, Vidal will go over tax strategies and regulations for real estate investors. If you want to learn more about how taxes work, you need to listen to this episode!

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Neal Bawa – Disruptive Trends In Real Estate! Ep. 247

(6 days ago) Is Real Estate Expensive? From 2011 through 2020, the real estate market had a phenomenal run. Everyone who participated in the race earned a lot of money. During this time, the Federal Reserve printed $4 trillion worth of money which they called quantitative easing.

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How Being a Go-Giver Creates Opportunities with Gwyeth

(7 days ago) Synopsis. Gwyeth is a real estate investor in New York who focuses on acquiring properties out of state in Pittsburgh. He’ll tell us how he was able to acquire a commercial deal off market with no prior experience while holding a full time day job.

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Podcast – Page 6 – Everything Real Estate Investing

(6 days ago) Mo runs a company called High-Rise Capital. They invest in commercial real estate assets such as multi family homes, senior living homes, self storage units, mobile homes, and industrial assets. Today, Mo gives us a look at investing in commercial real estate and at the same time being mindful of macroeconomic trends.

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Scott Royal Smith – How To Use LLCs to STOP Lawsuits! Ep

(4 days ago) If you're a real estate investor, Scott says you should have at least two limited liability companies (LLC). The first will serve as your asset holding company, and the other will be your operating company. You should also consider your tax strategy and estate planning. Scott’s law firm specializes in creating anonymity around its clients

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Podcast – Page 9 – Everything Real Estate Investing

(6 days ago) Dave is a real estate investor from St. Petersburg, Florida. About 25 years ago, he discovered the 1031 tax-deferred exchange that allowed him to sell investment real estate and buy investment real estate without paying tax on the profit.

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Podcast – Page 7 – Everything Real Estate Investing

(6 days ago) Buying real estate during a pandemic might be seen as risky, but it can be a good opportunity for those wanting to get into this space. Sharon Tseung, the Founder of Digital Nomad Quest, has been teaching people to be financially free by creating passive income businesses to allow them to design their best lives.

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