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Alabama Properties For SaleCyprus Partners

Rural home site. 165,649 We have topo maps & aerials on this many properties. Included when we ride along with you to look at property. Learn More. 494. AL. Tuscaloosa. 48. VALUABLE TUSCALOOSA TIMBERLAND FOR SALE ON HIGHWAY 171.

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Real Estate Agents. Who Needs ‘Em

(9 days ago) Also, real estate agents are typically paid a percent of the sale. So, the higher a property sells for the more the agents get paid (good news for the seller, but bad news for the buyer). But, even if the agents are paid an hourly fee, it could be argued that the longer it takes the more they make, so the agents may inflate their time.

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Land In Alabama For Sale Cyprus PartnersCyprus Partners

(6 days ago) In addition to being trained in real estate, many of our agents are also licensed foresters, certified appraisers or hold advanced degrees in related fields. Put this broad perspective in your passenger seat (representing your interest) and get good advice on things like timber, wildlife, access, boundary issues or value. Buy with confidence

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Cyprus Partners BlogCyprus Partners

(2 days ago) Cyprus Partners announces the launch of two services that make it easy to buy rural land in Alabama. The services were created to address a difficulty with land markets that you don’t find with residential or commercial real estate markets. The difficulty is that there is no centralized internet-based listing….

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Use Contingencies To Make An OfferCyprus Partners

(2 days ago) In my 37 years of experience as an Alabama real estate broker, appraiser, and forester, I’ve learned that there are no perfect properties or perfect deals. So, if you’re ready to make an offer on some rural land but the property has a few issues that you’re concerned about, my advice is this: don’t hesitate and lose the opportunity – make an offer but use …

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Land SalesCyprus Partners

(7 days ago) Over the course of his 40 year “official” working career, Tom became a licensed real estate broker and a Registered Forester. His specialty is helping people simplify the land sale process. Tom passionately believes that anyone can find their dream property.

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Alabama Acreage for SaleCyprus Partners

(4 days ago) But, for licensed real estate agent and Registered Forester Lisa Love, land has been her career for over three decades. Lisa is President of Forestry Consultants, Inc. , was appointed by Alabama’s governor in 2006 to the board of the Alabama Forestry Commission, and was a board member of the Alabama Board of Registration for Foresters.

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What Others Are Saying About Buying Rural LandCyprus Partners

(4 days ago) A 10 minute scan of some of the real estate blogs I follow produced the following snippets, all showing positive trends for rural land: “With all the foreclosures and short sales being bought up I have noticed that some investors are buying up raw land, if this trend continues we could go from bust to boom in a lot less time than was forecast.

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buying rural land in AlabamaCyprus Partners

(4 days ago) The key to finding these properties is our proprietary database of over 60,000 central Alabama landowners and the people that serve them such as foresters, attorneys, surveyors, and real estate agents. Using this database, typically we can assemble a list of 30 to 60 properties available for purchase in just two or three weeks.

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Agents of Cyprus Partners

(4 days ago) 205-500-0437. [email protected] Click for Agent Bio. Tom Brickman - Birmingham, AL. 205-936-2160. [email protected] Click for Agent Bio. Sara Baldwin - Rockford, AL. 256-377-2656. [email protected] Click for Agent Bio. Jon Ingram - Thorsby, AL.

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Making An Offer To Buy LandCyprus Partners

(5 days ago) Alabama real estate law stipulates that a contract is binding on the parties only after, 1) it is signed in writing by all parties (including initialing any changes made during counter offers), and 2) both parties have received copies that are fully signed and initialed. Also, remember that Alabama’s Statute Of Fraud requires all contracts to

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Buying Rural Land Cyprus PartnersCyprus Partners

(6 days ago) Tom Brickman helps people buy, sell and care for rural land. Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Tom has 40+ years of experience in the sale and management rural land across the United States and in Central America. He is a Registered Forester (and son of a forester), Real Estate Broker and timberland owner.

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Rural Land: Making Smart Decisions You’ll Feel Good

(9 days ago) Cyprus Partners is a real estate company that helps people buy and sell rural land. One of their strengths is an internet marketing program (6 web sites and a monthly newsletter to 20,000) that shortens sale time and gets more money by going to a very large audience. South40 Partners is a forestry consulting company that helps people care for

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Don't give up on property that is under contractCyprus

(3 days ago) Just because a property is under contract doesn't mean it's not worth pursuing. Read more on the next steps to take in order to purchase your dream land.

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When Buying Rural Land: Consider Closing CostCyprus Partners

(2 days ago) Kinds of closing cost. Some of these expenses are large (a survey of 160 acres can cost $8,000) and some are small ( Alabama property taxes are typically $1 to $2 per acre).. These may (or may not) include: a title exam. title insurance. land survey. loan costs. real estate fees. property taxes.

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Rural Land Prices

(5 days ago) About Cyprus Partners. At last count we’ve closed 937 deals in 9 states totaling over 220,000 acres. You’ll love the one we help you find!

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