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Real Estate Investing 101

Real Estate Investing 101. Investing in real estate has grown to become one of the most popular investment avenues for people to park their surplus funds. Real estate is the big daddy of Investments and even predates the modern stock markets. Real estate is part of the five basic asset classes that all investors must definitely consider exploring.

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Buying real estate

(7 days ago) Real estate is probably the most illiquid of all common investment avenues. If there is an urgency to sell a property the value could drop drastically. Selling at ‘Market Price’ is counted in number of months not days. Tax Treatment. Real estate attracts capital gains tax. The advantage is that we can use indexation benefits to our advantage.

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real estate Archives BankBazaar

(4 days ago) Real estate projects often exceed their completion deadlines, and it may seem like that just adds to the number of months you wait for your house, but it has a much bigger impact than you think. Even a small delay in property possession can jeopardize your financial planning. Here is a look at the multiple… Read More »

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A Brief Guide To Investing In Real Estate

(Just Now) Investing in real estate is one of the oldest forms of investment. One can invest in different properties like Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Industrial Real Estate, Retail Real Estate, Mixed –use Real Estate. Most common one is Residential Real Estate, in which person own a property and rent it out to tenant.

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Avoid Real Estate Scams And Get Great Profits From …

(9 days ago) Real estate is a lucrative asset class in India, thanks to great returns over the past decade. Nevertheless, it’s important to watch out for frauds. As per the data on Indian Government websites, returns from real estate in India have been averaging 10-15% for the last 5 years, depending on the city.

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The Real Estate Bill To The Rescue

(3 days ago) The Real Estate Bill seeks to provide some relief for buyers. The Real Estate Bill was cleared by the Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of the Parliament, on March 10 th and is on track to morph into an Act. It requires all builders to register their projects with the Real Estate Regulatory Authorities in their respective States.

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Stock market vs. Real estate investing BankBazaar

(6 days ago) Real estate and equities, both are great source of investment and building wealth in long term. Success in investing in these assets depends on the knowledge of the asset, inclination and attitude of individual investors, and understanding the key drivers of …

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Are The Festive Offers On Real Estate Worth Grabbing

(Just Now) The real estate market is abuzz with festive discounts and offers. While discounts are plenty including lowest price flash sales, GST free price, freebies etc, not every offer may work out as a pocket-friendly one in the long-term. In a bid to clear unsold inventory and attract buyers, real estate players are offering genuine discounts.

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Here's All You Need To Know About `Undivided Share of …

(2 days ago) Some real estate builders and developers have been guilty in the past of selling open or stilt car parking areas to individual house owners. As per Indian law, an open car parking can only be sold as part of a common area and cannot be legally included as part of the floor area for individual apartments.

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What are the rights of the co-owner of a property

(8 days ago) 19 thoughts on “ What are the rights of the co-owner of a property? Vinay Amin May 11, 2009. We jointly own a flat at Mumbai, my wife is first applicant and me Co-applicant, Initially the flat was purchased only with the intention that in due course it will be transferred in the name of my elder brother who is working, staying at Mumbai right from the begining in the …

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Is It Sensible To Buy Resale Flats

(3 days ago) Rather than waiting endlessly for real estate prices to fall or being taken in by developers, a money-conscious person looks for options that offer a good solution. A resale flat could be as good as new and can be obtained at a discount of no less than 10% of the price of a newly constructed one.

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About real estate foreclosures! BankBazaar

(9 days ago) The real estate business in India was growing in leaps and bounds since 2005. Prices of properties and purchases made by people had been going up steadily. However, everything that goes up has to come down. This simple law was demonstrated to everyone when by 2007, real estate prices had sky-rocketed and the number of real estate purchases had

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Real Estate scenario post Budget 2011 BankBazaar

(6 days ago) Real estate sector is one of those important sectors which directly or indirectly affect us. This article briefs you about the post budget impact on Real estate sector. So, if you are an investor looking to invest in the real estate sector stocks then you should read through this article to understand the post union budget impact on the real

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real estate investment Archives BankBazaar

(5 days ago) Tag Archives: real estate investment Investments That Protect You From Inflation. Change is the only constant when it comes to the value of a currency or financial transactions. In most cases, this depends on variables which are beyond your control. What is in your control, however, is your ability to make a proper assessment of your financial

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How real is the real estate hype

(1 days ago) The present scenario in the Indian real estate markets is raising concerns with regards to future profit margins for foreign investors. Contrary to the figures in the past two years, when increasing valuation in property yielded returns as high as 30% -40% on investments, the expected returns in the days to come are not expected to go higher

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Here's How To Save Tax On Long-Term Capital Gains

(1 days ago) Additional Reading: Avoid Real Estate Scams To Reap Rich Returns In case of an STCG transaction, the gain is added to your income and taxed as per the income tax bracket you fall under. For instance, if a taxpayer falls under the tax slab of 30%, the STCG will also be taxed at the rate of 30%.

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How To Calculate Long Term Capital Gains (LTCG)

(5 days ago) Category: Capital Gains Taxes Home loan & Tax Real Estate. About BankBazaar. BankBazaar is the world's first neutral online marketplace for instant customised rate quotes on Loans, Credit Cards, Insurance and Investment products. Shop for financial products just like you buy everything else now - online.

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8 Tips To Avoid Being Tricked By Real Estate Agents

(8 days ago) If the real estate agent comes off as too pushy to seal the deal at a higher rate, you can start the thread of negotiation by checking out other properties in the vicinity. Before you put your hard earned money in a housing project, always check out the nearby properties to make sure that you aren’t being conned by being offered the house at

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Why is stamp duty important

(4 days ago) In the case of real estate transactions, mortgage deeds etc. which tend to be high, the stamp duty value is also high. Stamp Duty charges also vary from state to state and are left to the discretion of the state government. There is a state to statewide variation in stamp duty rates across the country.

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A Non-Resident Indian’s Guide To Buying Property In India

(5 days ago) India is also a highly lucrative market for foreigners and Non-resident Indians, for real estate investments. Indian real estate regulations and laws have been relaxed, making investments in this sector rather easy for investors. Let us give you all the information you need about NRI investments in property in India.

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Currency Demonetisation To Impact The Real Estate Sector

(5 days ago) Real estate is a big sector comprising affordable housing projects, luxury houses, and land purchases, among others. Of these, the luxury segment or big-ticket purchases and plain land purchases are to sputter due to heat from currency demonetisation.

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5 Ways To Save Capital Gains Tax On Sale Of Property

(1 days ago) The information about how to save capital gains tax on the sale of the property is well described above. These tips are so helpful and valuable for any real estate person. If you are looking for property sale or buy in Himachal Pradesh then contact +91-95553 96371 to India Property Clinic available online on 24/7 time.

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Should You Pay Mortgage Or Pay By Cash For Real Estate …

(3 days ago) When To Buy Real Estate On Loan? When you want to buy a property and do not have sufficient liquidity in hand, then a loan is a good option to arrange funds. Buying a property on loan gives you several benefits. You get the income tax benefits under section 24 for interest paid against the Home Loan.

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Stamp Duty And Registration At The Time Of Property Purchase

(9 days ago) Category: Asset management Real Estate Tax. About BankBazaar. BankBazaar is the world's first neutral online marketplace for instant customised rate quotes on Loans, Credit Cards, Insurance and Investment products. Shop for financial products just like you buy everything else now - online.

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5 Ways RERA Will Help Home Buyers

(2 days ago) 5 Ways RERA Will Help Home Buyers. With the launch of the new regulatory body for real estate and passing of the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA) on May 1, 2017, the real estate market is likely to be transformed. With the lowering of Home Loan interest rates, we should also see renewed interest from buyers.

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5 Localities In Mumbai That Will Make Your Real Estate Investment …

(6 days ago) Alibaug/Alibag. This area is a coastal town and is situated in the Raigad district. Old-timers will tell you that Raigad was earlier known as ‘Kulaba’ and is being considered by investors as the place for real estate investment. Raigad is divided into areas such as Khopoli, Pen, Dahivali and Alibag as well.

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Buying A Property

(5 days ago) Real estate sector will invite GST at the rate of 12 per cent with full input tax credit. According to the schedule of GST rates for services, as approved by the council, real estate sector will comprise “construction of a complex, building, civil structure or a part thereof, intended for sale to a buyer, wholly or partly.

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Under Construction Vs. Ready-To-Move-In Property: Which One Is …

(4 days ago) But since real estate is a state subject, the implementation of the Act will be carried out by the state and union territory governments through their own Regulatory Authorities (RA). These local bodies will frame regulations in accordance with the RERA Act and will oversee its day-to-day implementation.

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How To File Tax Returns As A Representative Of Someone Else

(8 days ago) Steps to add a representative. Log into the Income Tax e-filing website. Go to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Add/register as representative’. Click on ‘New request’ and select ‘Add another person to represent on your behalf’ under the ‘Add/register as representative’ tab. Select the reason why you are adding a representative.

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Worried About Defaulting On Your Loan

(6 days ago) 143 thoughts on “ Loan Default Is Not The End! BASUDEV BEHERA November 17, 2010. I was working in financial sector since last 5 i feel incase of secured loanns we should reposses the asset atearliest.if we feel that customers is willfull we should reposses the asset soon.RBI should make mandatory for all NBFC they should go for CIBIL check before …

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Real Estate Archives BankBazaar

(2 days ago) Real estate, housing property, etc. How To Avoid Real Estate Scams. Real estate is a lucrative asset class in India, thanks to great returns over the past decade. However, it’s important to watch out for frauds. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)

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When A Borrower Fails To Repay The Loan!

(8 days ago) Inability to repay a loan for a prolonged period leads to the deterioration of the relationship between the borrower and the lender. This is usually a bank or a Non-banking Financial Company (NBFC). Such a situation needs active management. You must understand what consequences loan defaults will have.

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How Should A 22-Year-Old In India Invest Money

(2 days ago) Additional Reading: 10 Benefits Of Investing In Mutual Funds. For example, if you start investing Rs. 5,000 every month when you are, say 22 years old, and stay invested for 30 years, you can easily accumulate a corpus of nearly Rs. 92 lakh, considering 15% annualised returns and taking the annual rate of inflation to be 6%.

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Terms For Adding Co-applicants To A Home Loan Application

(4 days ago) Tax benefits. All co-applicants in a Home Loan can avail the tax benefits that come with it. This includes the principal repayment benefit under Section 80C for up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs and the interest repayment benefit for Rs. 2 lakhs under Section 24 of the Income Tax Act. However, co-applicants can claim the tax benefits only in the proportion

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