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Why You Need a Real Estate Marketing Plan. Before we dive into the details of how to create a real estate marketing plan, let’s briefly discuss why you need one in the first place. There are two main reasons why having a marketing plan is so important for real estate agents. First, a well-crafted marketing plan will help you focus your

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Creating a Pin-worthy Real Estate Home Office

(Just Now) A real estate home office should be well thought out, and not just random items throw together. Your home office should focus on both purpose and design to set the stage for a great working day. The goal is to avoid a cluttered mess of a desk and less than inspiring aesthetic and rather create a space around you that you love to walk into and

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(5 days ago) Make sure to grab the freebie below too for your free real estate marketing download! Print page. Follow Us On Instagram. WORKING WITH FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS – WHY AGENTS SHOULD SPECIALIZE 03/31/2022; HOW TO BREAK INTO THE LUXURY REAL ESTATE MARKET – 11 TIPS YOU NEED NOW 03/21/2022;

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Instagram Reels for Real Estate

(8 days ago) What is Considered a Decedent’s Estate? - Probate in SoCal

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10 Real Estate Quotes You'll Be Obsessed With

(5 days ago) Real estate quotes for Instagram and Facebook are some of the most searched topics online by real estate agents! Agents absolutely love using awesome inspirational, funny, and inspiring real estate quote posts in their social media feeds!

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(2 days ago) A: If you’re looking for a way to add some extra creativity to your real estate social media posts, using prompts is a great option! By coming up with creative and thoughtful responses to prompts, you can easily create captions that will engage your followers and make your posts more interesting.

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(3 days ago) Hiring a real estate assistant can be a great way to lighten your workload and maximize your productivity when it comes to running a real estate business. By taking into account when is the best time to hire an assistant, you can find someone who will be a great fit for your company and help you continue to grow!

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Multiple Offer Spreadsheet for Realtors

(3 days ago) There is no denying – the current real estate market is a hot market, especially for home sellers! One of the greatest opportunities and challenges for real estate agents is receiving, reviewing and organizing multiple offers with their sellers.Good organization and presentation of multiple offers is key - that's why using a multiple offer spreadsheet is so important.

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How Much Should a Realtor Spend on Marketing

(1 days ago) If you’re a newer real estate agent, consider budgeting 10% of your previous months’ commissions. For example – if your commission was $3500 for the past month (or any other period), then 10% would be an appropriate marketing budget. This would equal $350 to allocation to spend on real estate marketing the following month.

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Top 20 New Year's Goals for Real Estate Agents in 2022

(5 days ago) Goal #19: Attend a real estate conference. Attending a real estate conference is another great new years goal for any agent. This year, consider attending at least one real estate conference in order to learn new skills, network with other professionals, and stay up-to-date on the latest industry news.

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The Best Tips for a Real Estate Buyer Presentation + Free …

(7 days ago) Real estate buyers need to have their ducks in a row before they start looking for homes and scheduling real estate appointments with sellers, brokers, or realtors. A key step here is the mortgage pre-approval process (unless of course, they are paying cash), which can help speed up the real estate buying process and keep buyers from wasting

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The Best Real Estate Marketing Templates for Agents + 16 Free …

(3 days ago) The best Real estate marketing templates are realtor content that you can customize with the click of a few buttons! Whether you need real estate social media posts, a new real estate logo, real estate Instagram Stories or realtor business cards – we have everything you need. Get real estate social media posts that perform.

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Best Real Estate Open House Advice for Agents

(9 days ago) Real estate agents should ensure to follow best practices for real estate safety during thier open houses. Open houses attract a variety of people – and since agents don’t have the opportunity to vet these guests prior to arrival — keeps informed and following safety tip is a practice all agents should follow.

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10 Insanely Awesome Real Estate Agent Outfits

(2 days ago) Real estate agents are always on the go. Whether it’s Showings, Open Houses, or Listing Presentations – we know you’ll need to be prepared as a real estate agent for a variety of situations and have a versatile wardrobe! In one day, a real estate agent might go from a business meeting to being downtown for a morning showing to showing a

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How to Write Better Listing Descriptions: Free Property Description …

(1 days ago) P.S. Don’t forget if you’re looking for the best real estate marketing templates – we offer an exclusive membership with all the tools and resources you need to stop worrying about your real estate marketing and spend more time selling houses. Check out our plans here: LEARN MORE ABOUT AGENTCRATE. P.P.S.

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32+ Realtor Safety Tips to Keep Yourself Protected

(6 days ago) The real estate agent should ask the sellers to hide anything valuable in a safe place, which can be hidden from plain sight! This can prevent robbers from seeing anything they’d want to steal, and it will also dissuade them from attempting a break-in since they won’t know if anything valuable is inside.

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Free Open House Kit for Realtors

(6 days ago) The real estate open house kit offers free printables that you can use instantly at your open houses including a popular real estate open house sign-in sheet. Don’t worry about designing your own real estate open house kit, we’ve got a beautiful and ready-to-print kit ready for you. This kit is for you if you are looking for Real estate

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Real Estate Listing Presentation

(9 days ago) A real estate listing presentation is a crucial part of any real estate agent’s job, and it can make the difference between getting a deal or losing one. These presentations are how agents will show potential buyers their listings and convince them to purchase.

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101 Best Real Estate Hashtags Every Agent Needs

(7 days ago) Real estate hashtags are important on real estate realtors’ social media profiles, including and, to increase real estate realtors’ reach by up to 2,000%. Other social media platforms realtors should use real estate hashtags on including Instagram, Facebook groups specific to their location or niche, Twitter real

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Social Media Content Calendar for Real Estate

(3 days ago) Real Estate Tips Posts . Real estate tips are super valuable because oftentimes consumers get lost and overwhelmed with all the new and complicated processes that come with buying and/or selling a home. Giving them tips on how to succeed will build trust and will establish yourself as a true expert in this field. Some examples of real estate

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Real Estate Branding Guide for Real Estate Agents

(4 days ago) -“I’m a real estate agent here in New York City with over 100 Million of Property Sold. I work with both buyers and sellers, so feel free to reach out!”-Carol is an experienced real estate agent who specializes in residential homes based in San Francisco area and loves working with real estate investors. She can be reached at (555) 555

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Real Estate Landing Pages That Work Like a Charm

(2 days ago) Real estate landing pages are an essential part of any marketing strategy. This is because real estate landing pages exist for one single important purpose: converting traffic into leads. A typical real estate landing page offers visitors products and/or services at no cost except for the input of their information.

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Appraisal Gap Clauses: The SECRET to Winning Bidding Wars as a …

(8 days ago) In conclusion, an appraisal gap contract addendum is a great tool for any real estate agent to have in their arsenal when attempting to win bidding wars and close home sales. In a housing market that is beginning to heat up, when opportunities are becoming more scarce and agents have to fight tooth-and-nail for each sale, this type of addendum

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How Much Do Realtors Make

(2 days ago) Real estate investing is another way to make money. This could be a good option for those real estate agents that have the time and resources but don’t want to work in real estate full-time or who already have enough experience under their belt from working as a broker, property manager, etc.

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Real Estate Agent Job Satisfaction

(1 days ago) Real estate professionals across the country report some of the highest job satisfaction rates of any other career making it more of a fun activity than a “job.” With so many agents reporting high real estate agent job satisfaction, the real estate profession is definitely something to consider if you’ve been thinking about it.

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The 8 Steps in Creating a Real Estate Agent Business Plan + FREE …

(9 days ago) If all real estate agents did the same thing, then there wouldn’t be such fierce competition, a large market, or even real estate Instagram influencers. For example, some real estate agents choose to focus on luxury condos, while others have honed in on being a waterfront property expert.

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Daily Schedule for Real Estate Agents Top Agents Need

(Just Now) A proper schedule also allows for time to handle unexpected events which are commonplace in the real estate profession. Following is a sample daily schedule for real estate agents, which may vary depending on preferences or daily responsibilities: Sample Daily Schedule for Real Estate Agents. 7-8am: Wake up, Work out, Set Daily Goals.

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(7 days ago) 18 Feb. 18 OVERLOOKED REFERRAL SOURCES FOR REALTORS. Posted at 12:52h in Real Estate Marketing by agentcrate. Whether you’re new in the business or a seasoned professional, knowing who to ask for referrals is critical. Although “word-of-mouth” will always be your best source of real estate leads, here are 18 other great & often overlooked

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(8 days ago) The simplest, yet most effective way to use TikTok is to take a tour of a space. To make your video stand out, try partnering with the homeowner or another real estate agent to show off the digs. You could even create multiple videos from one house-such as during different seasons or times of day! #2: Use Special Effects to Display Your Space.

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(9 days ago) Agentcrate offers amazing automated real estate social media posts in our social media plans. Whether you are looking for automated real estate facebook posts or automated real estate Instagram posts - you've come to the right place. Coming up with the time and creativity for real estate social media posts shouldn't be a burdon on real estate agents - that's why we make it …

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Choosing A Real Estate Brokerage

(9 days ago) The real estate brokerage you choose to work with is probably one of the most important decisions in your career as a Realtor.Choosing the right brokerage can provide many benefits, such as access to knowledge and talent, industry tools and resources, and support systems that will help you grow your business.

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5 Facebook Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies that really work …

(4 days ago) As every professional real estate agent knows, lead generation is critical to growing a successful business. More and more, the focus of lead generation is increasingly internet-focused. Studies show that most homebuyers and sellers utilize online tools to research their options before contacting an agent.

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(8 days ago) 4. Real estate FAQs. Address some of the most commonly asked questions about real estate, so your readers can be better informed about the process. 5. Industry news and trends. Share interesting news stories and insights about the real estate industry, so your readers can stay abreast of the latest developments.

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how do realtors get paid for rentals

(2 days ago) – The real estate rental commission may not be high enough to make it worth the time and effort invested. – Real estate agents might spend more time working with tenants than they would if they were representing someone buying or selling their home, which could cut into how many listings agents sell each month.

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(9 days ago) REAL ESTATE G645RL Ladies' Softstyle Racerback Tank. Regular price. $2500. $25.00. 2 G645RL Ladies' Softstyle Racerback Tank. Regular price. $2500. $25.00. 3 G645RL Ladies' Softstyle Racerback Tank.

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